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GPD WIN MINI 2024 7inch Handheld Game Console 120Hz AMD 8840U Flip Game Console

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Full Evolution, Never Forget The Original Intention

Continuing The Design Style Of WIN 2
AMD 8000 Series APU
7-inch 1080P High Refresh Rate Screen
Larger Memory And Storage Space
6 Times Performance Improvement
Only Weighs 520g
Interfaces And Function Keys

Full-speed USB4 with 40Gbps effective bandwidth, supports GPD G1 GPU dock and PD fast charging; Full-featured USB Type-C with 10Gbps speed; A2-level microSD card reader with 160MB/s read/write speed.

Ergonomic Grip
(Optional, Detachable)

In order to provide a more comfortable experience with the WIN Mini, we have designed a grip accessory that draws inspiration from the ergonomic design of the DualSense controller. The user-friendly design allows the grip to naturally fit into the hand, allowing players to focus more on the game itself, improving the gaming experience and control.
Game Frame Rate Measured
In Real-World Testing

Powerful integrated graphics performance
Guaranteed 60+ FPS for AAA games at 1920x1080 resolution
* Testing environment: AMD Ryzen 7 8840U / 32GB LPDDR5 6400 MT/s / 2TB NVMe SSD / 1920×1080 resolution / Windows 11 Home 64bit
* FSR quality: indicates that FSR technology was enabled during gameplay

7-inch, 120Hz High-Refresh-Rate
Gaming Screen Native Landscape,
Supports VRR

A 7-inch, 120Hz high-refresh-rate gaming screen specially designed for WIN Mini. It features native landscape , sixth-generation Corning Gorilla Glass, LTPS technology, supports VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), and AMD FreeSync Premium. No more worries about screen tearing in games and no need for frame locking, allowing for full performance release!
Anti-reflective Coating. Effectively Reduces Glare And Increases

The Anti-reflective coating (AR) has high hardness, effectively reduces glare, prevents glare and scratches, increases transmittance, and enhances screen brightness up to 500nit. It blocks blue light and effectively protects the eyes. The Anti-Fog Coating (AF) provides excellent resistance to dirt, water repellency, and durability, reducing fingerprint and various stain adhesion.
AMD Ryzen 8000 Series APU
Here's an AI Core For You

The AMD Ryzen 8000 series APU is based on the Zen4 architecture and utilizes a 4nm manufacturing process. It introduces support for NPU (Neural Processing Unit) and is enhanced with AVX-512 instruction set. The overall computing power reaches up to 38 TOPS. It supports AMD SmartShift MAX technology, which intelligently identifies different application scenarios and dynamically allocates system power. The integrated graphics feature the RDNA 3 architecture with AMD Radeon 700M series, offering up to 12 compute units (CU) and 768 stream processors.

Floating-Point Performance Comparison Shows That The Integrated Graphics Based On RDNA3 ArchiTecture Outperforms The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

The brand new integrated graphics based on RDNA3 architecture shows a 150% floating-point performance improvement compared to the previous generation RDNA2. Coupled with four-channel LPDDR5 6400 MT/s memory, the memory bandwidth has also been increased. The performance improvement compared to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti is about 60%, and the pixel and texture fill rates have also doubled.

AMD Zen 4, For The First Time, Includes AVX-512 Instruction Set In CPU-Z Benchmark Tests, Resulting In A 30% Performance Improvement

The Ryzen 8000 series APU is based on the new AMD Zen 4 architecture and supports the AVX-512 instruction set for the first time. It is mainly aimed at accelerating AI and HPC applications, with 1.3x improvement in FP32 floating-point inference multi-threaded performance and 2.5x improvement in INT8 integer inference multi-threaded performance

With AVX-512 Support, PS3 God Of War 3 Runs At 60 FPS On The 8840U, Achieving Full-Speed PS3 Emulation

The Ryzen 8000 series APU features an integrated NPU AI accelerator and supports AVX-512 instruction set. It is designed for AI and HPC application acceleration. The FP32 floating-point inference multi-threaded performance is improved by 1.3 times, while the INT8 integer inference multi-threaded performance is improved by 2.5 times.

With Four-Channel Memory, 16GB To 64GB Options, You Don't Have To Worry About Running Out Of Memory While Gaming

WIN Mini adopts 32-bit four-channel LPDDR5 6400MT/s memory with two capacity options of 16GB or 32GB and three configurations. The maximum amount of memory that can be allocated to graphics memory is 16GB, eliminating concerns about running out of memory during gaming and providing smoother gameplay.

The PCIe Gen4 M.2 2230 SSD
Has A Large Capacity Of 512GB To 2TB
With Read And Write Speeds Exceeding
5000MB/s, And Is Expandable Without Limits

The AMD Ryzen 8840U/7640U supports the PCIe Gen4 specification with a theoretical maximum throughput of up to 7.877GB/s. The official configuration includes a 512GB to 2TB WD SN740 M.2 2230 SSD (PCIe Gen4), with a measured sequential read and write speed of up to 5150MB/s, and is expandable without limits.

The Built-in Hall Effect Mini Joysticks Almost Completely Eliminate The Chance Of Dead Zones Occurring At The Center Point

The built-in Hall Effect mini joysticks adopt a sunken design with down-press support for L3 and R3, and are infinitely adjustable and super-linear. After calibration, the Hall Effect joysticks have improved return accuracy and voltage division precision by 37.5% and 25% respectively compared to standard joysticks, almost completely eliminating the chance of dead zones occurring at the center point. They can accurately perceive the player's finger movements, improving game control precision and sensitivity.

The L2 / R2 Triggers Are Linear Analog Trigger Buttons, Allowing For Smooth Acceleration In Racing Games And Quick Shooting In First-person Shooters

Compared to the WIN 2, the L2 / R2 triggers of the WIN Mini have been changed to linear analog trigger buttons, accurately simulating the button response under different intensities and allowing for precise shooting, acceleration, and other operations. This provides a more realistic experience of the dynamic changes in games, comfortable use of the controller, and increased immersion and playability in games.

Adding Programmable Macro Keys
L4 And R4, Allowing One-Button
Triggering Of Combination Keys

The C-side of the controller adds programmable macro keys L4 and R4, and with the WinControls tool, users can easily set up combination keys and trigger them with one button, making it easy to play PC online games.

The Controller Has Built-In Dual Linear Rumble Motors Supporting Linear Vibration Along The Z-Axis

The WIN series handheld console adopts dual linear rumble motors for the first time, which, compared to rotary rumble motors, reduces the start-up and stop time, improves linearity, and supports linear vibration along the Z-axis. The linear rumble motors provide precise vibration feedback, simulating the corresponding vibration sensation, allowing gamers to feel the dynamic changes in the game more deeply, while maintaining low power consumption and noise levels.

The Controller Is Designed With 3-Axis Gravity Sensing And 3-Axis Gyroscope, Allowing For Motion Control Gaming On PC

Adding 3-axis gravity sensing and 3-axis gyroscope design makes the controller more flexible in operation. Players can tilt the controller to control characters or objects in the game, making the game operation more natural and intuitive, and bringing a new gaming experience.

The Keyboard Has Been Changed
To A Backlit Design, And Function
Keys Can Be Used To Turn
The Backlight On Or Off

The WIN Mini keyboard has added white backlighting, maintaining the same style, but with larger keys that are more suitable for typing with both thumbs. The keyboard still uses a scissor-switch design, and the backlight can be turned on or off using a function keys.

The Controller Features A Precise Touchpad (PTP Mode) That Supports Up To Four-Finger Gestures

Compared to the WIN 2, the WIN Mini features a precise touchpad (in PTP mode), which can detect the position and movement trajectory of fingers through multi-touch, providing more accurate control. It can quickly and flexibly identify finger movement trajectories and respond to user operations in a timely manner.

Top-Of-The-Line DTS:X Sound Effects Deliver A Panoramic Surround Sound Experience In The Palm Of Your Hand

Compared to the WIN 2, the WIN Mini features a precise touchpad (in PTP mode), which can detect the position and movement trajectory of fingers through multi-touch, providing more accurate control. It can quickly and flexibly identify finger movement trajectories and respond to user operations in a timely manner.

The Controller Supports USB4 And GPD G1 Graphics Card Expansion Dock In Order To Enhance The Gaming Experience

The controller adds a new USB4 interface, with a bandwidth of 40Gbps and native support for Thunderbolt 3 protocol, allowing connection to GPD G1 or third-party graphics card docks to play AAA titles. It supports an external 8K@60Hz display and PD fast charging protocol.

The Full-Featured Type-C Port
Is Retained, Supporting PD
Protocol Fast Charging

When the USB4 port is used, the WIN Mini can still charge and transfer audio, video, and data through this full-featured Type-C port with a bandwidth of 10Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen 2) and support for an external 8K@60Hz display.

The microSD Card Reader Has A Theoretical Speed Of 160MB/s For Reading And 120MB/s For Writing

The WIN Mini retains the microSD card reader with a UHS-I bus interface, SD 3.0 protocol, supporting speed classes A2, U3, V30, with a read/write speed of 160MB/s, and compatible with three storage card standards: microSDHC, microSDXC, and microSDUC.

The Device Features A 44.24Wh
Ultra-High-Density Battery
Providing A 50% Increase In Battery Life

The WIN Mini adopts a 3.87V ultra-high-density polymer lithium battery, which increases the battery capacity to 44.24Wh within a limited space. Compared to the WIN 2, this provides a nearly 50% increase in battery life.
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GPD WIN MINI 2024 7inch Handheld Game Console 120Hz AMD 8840U Flip Game Console