• ONE XPLAYER Mini - A Handheld Gaming PC Overview

    ONE XPLAYER Mini - A Handheld Gaming PC Overview
    For users who like to play games with handheld consoles, they should know that a handheld console with a good gaming experience should contain the following elements: flagship performance, portable size, powerful battery life, and a "non-specific" system. However, in the current domestic game handheld market, there are not many handheld products that can integrate all the above requirements. The domestic brand ONE-NETBOOK launched a new...
  • MINISFORUM HX90 MiNi PC Review

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    MINISFORUM HX90 MiNi PC Review
    More and more AMD Ryzen 5000H 'Cezanne' powered Mini PCs are entering the market segment, with the latest from MINISFORUM unveiling their Ryzen 9 5900HX powered EliteMini HX90 Mini PC. With the HX90, there is a high-end APU from AMD in a compact housing. More precisely, a Ryzen 9 5900HX is installed and thus an eight-core with 45 watt TDP is served, which ranks behind the...
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