• Xiaomi Mi Mini PC 2023 Review

    Xiaomi Mi Mini PC 2023 Review
    About 20 years ago, "computer" was still an extremely expensive luxury item. As one of the most stylish appliances in the home, it often took several months of salary to buy one carefully. I don't know what it can be used for... ...However, I don’t know since when, everyone’s attitude towards the “computer”, a once high-ranking “big appliance”, has turned 180 degrees, and its...
  • Beelink GTR6 6900HX Mini PC Review

    Beelink GTR6 6900HX Mini PC Review
    The flagship model GTR series of the Mini PC mainframe brand "Beelink" has ushered in a new generation, namely the Beelink GTR6. Compared with the previous generation GTR5, the performance of the Beelink GTR6 has been greatly improved. For example: In terms of graphics card, when the previous generation GTR5 played some games at 1920*1080 resolution, it could only achieve a good FPS by turning on the low...
  • Beelink SER6 Pro Mini PC Review

    Beelink SER6 Pro Mini PC Review
    After more than ten years of development, mini-computer mainframes have already completed the transition from an initial light office tool to a productivity tool. In the past two years, mid-to-high-end small mainframes can largely replace desktops and become our main computers. This year, the introduction of RDNA2 nuclear display has made up for the last performance shortcoming of this type of product. The latest Beelink...
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