8Bitdo Launches Trio of Xbox-Authorized Game Controllers Orion Xbox Light Chaser Edition, Orion X-Pro, and Pro2 Xbox Hall Edition


Today marks a significant milestone for gamers and tech enthusiasts alike as 8Bitdo unveils its latest creations, three cutting-edge game controllers authorized by Xbox. The innovative lineup includes the Orion Xbox Light Chaser Edition, the Orion X-Pro, and the Pro2 Xbox Hall Edition, each promising to elevate the gaming experience to new heights.

Orion Xbox Light Chaser Edition: Elevating Visual Interaction

Among the trio, the Orion Xbox Light Chaser Edition stands out with its mesmerizing design and advanced features. Available in three striking exterior colors—star ring gray, comet green, and wind and fire orange—the controller boasts a "Hot and Fire Wheels" RGB light ring, creating an immersive visual spectacle during gameplay. Equipped with Hall trigger, Hall rocker, and enhanced light-touch buttons, this controller ensures precise control and responsive feedback. With a 4-motor configuration supporting trigger vibration and asymmetric grip vibration, gamers can expect a heightened sense of immersion. Compatible with the Xbox Series, the Orion Xbox Light Chaser Edition is poised to captivate gamers with its blend of style and performance.

Orion X-Pro: Versatility Redefined

The Orion X-Pro sets a new standard for versatility and convenience in gaming controllers. Supporting 2.4G wireless connection to Windows 10/11, Bluetooth connection to Android devices, and wired connection to Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows 10/11, this controller offers unparalleled compatibility. Its seamless integration with Windows 11 extends to trigger vibration support, ensuring a dynamic gaming experience. Notable features include a newly upgraded button trigger motor, automatic start and stop functionality, and double-layer light-touch shoulder keys for enhanced comfort and control. With a built-in 1000mAh battery providing up to 20 hours of gameplay, the Orion X-Pro redefines convenience for gamers on-the-go.

Pro2 Xbox Hall Edition: Timeless Design, Modern Performance

Combining classic aesthetics with modern performance, the Pro2 Xbox Hall Edition caters to gamers seeking a traditional gaming experience with a contemporary twist. Sporting a sleek ice white color and an upgraded Hall rocker, this controller exudes elegance and sophistication. The inclusion of the sun pattern method and support for 3.5mm headsets further enhances its appeal to discerning gamers. Compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10/11, the Pro2 Xbox Hall Edition offers seamless connectivity and uncompromising performance at an affordable price.

Availability and Pricing

Gamers eagerly anticipating the release of these controllers won't have to wait long. While the Orion Xbox Light Chaser Edition is available now, the Orion X-Pro is set to be announced on June 3. Meanwhile, the Pro2 Xbox Hall Edition is already making waves in the gaming community with its timeless design and affordable price tag.

With the launch of these three Xbox-authorized game controllers, 8Bitdo reaffirms its commitment to innovation and excellence in the gaming industry. Whether it's the mesmerizing light effects of the Orion Xbox Light Chaser Edition, the versatility of the Orion X-Pro, or the timeless design of the Pro2 Xbox Hall Edition, gamers can expect nothing short of an exceptional gaming experience. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, 8Bitdo remains at the forefront, pushing boundaries and setting new standards for gaming peripherals worldwide

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