AOOSTAR AG01 OCuLink Graphics Card Dock to Debut with Competitive Pricing


AOOSTAR AG01 OCuLink Graphics Card Dock to Debut with Competitive Pricing

AOOSTAR, a rising name in computer hardware, is set to launch its latest innovation, the AG01 OCuLink graphics card dock, designed to enhance the performance and flexibility of modern laptops. Priced attractively at 699 yuan (approximately $96.27), this device aims to bring high-end graphics capabilities to a broader audience.

Compact and Robust Design

The AOOSTAR AG01 graphics card dock is a compact yet powerful device, measuring 22.5 x 11 x 6 cm. The design is centered around an open metal body with a durable aluminum alloy middle frame, providing both aesthetic appeal and robust protection for the components within. This thoughtful construction ensures that the dock can withstand the rigors of daily use while maintaining a sleek, modern look.

Power and Versatility

At the heart of the AG01 is a customized Huntkey 400W power supply. This powerful unit is designed to provide a one-line power supply solution, simplifying the setup and ensuring stable power delivery to the connected graphics card. The integrated hub design eliminates limitations on the length of the graphics card, allowing users to install a wide range of options comfortably.


The dock supports a variety of graphics cards, with the official recommendation being the NVIDIA RTX 4070 and AMD RX 7700XT, as well as other cards with power consumption below 250W. This makes the AG01 compatible with a wide array of AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA graphics cards, offering flexibility to users seeking to upgrade their graphics performance without replacing their entire system.

High-Speed Connectivity

The AG01 utilizes the OCuLink interface, providing an effective bandwidth of 64Gbps for PCIe 4.0 x4 channels. This ensures rapid data transfer rates, essential for high-performance graphics tasks such as gaming, video editing, and 3D rendering. The dock is also hot-swappable, adding a layer of convenience for users who need to switch between different graphics cards quickly.

Seamless Integration with Lenovo ThinkBook

One of the standout features of the AG01 is its compatibility with the TGX interface of the 2024 Lenovo ThinkBook 14+ and 16+ Core Edition laptops. This integration allows for a seamless connection, enabling users to enhance their laptop's graphics performance significantly without the need for extensive hardware changes. This compatibility is a significant advantage for professionals and enthusiasts who rely on the ThinkBook series for their computing needs.

Market Impact and Availability

The introduction of the AOOSTAR AG01 graphics card dock is set to make a considerable impact on the market. By offering high-end features and flexibility at a competitive price, AOOSTAR is positioning itself as a key player in the external graphics card market. The AG01 is expected to appeal to a wide range of users, from gamers looking to boost their laptop's performance to professionals needing additional graphics power for demanding applications.

The AG01 will be available for purchase starting next month, with pre-orders opening today. Early adopters can take advantage of special offers and discounts, making this an even more attractive proposition.


AOOSTAR's AG01 OCuLink graphics card dock represents a significant advancement in the realm of external graphics solutions. Its combination of compact design, powerful performance, and competitive pricing is likely to make it a popular choice among tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. As the demand for enhanced graphics capabilities continues to grow, the AG01 is poised to meet the needs of a diverse user base, offering an accessible and efficient solution for upgrading laptop graphics performance.

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