Beelink SER8 Mini PC is Available at Minixpc: A Sneak Peek into Features and Pricing


Beelink, a renowned name in the world of Mini PCs, is set to unveil its latest offering, the Beelink SER8, for pre-sale on starting at 16:00 this afternoon. The eagerly awaited device boasts a range of innovative features and customization options tailored to meet diverse user needs. With a focus on performance, design, and adaptability, the Beelink SER8 is poised to make a significant impact in the realm of compact computing solutions.

Pricing and Variants

The Beelink SER8 Mini PC will be available in two configurations to cater to varying requirements. The barebone version, offering a solid foundation for customization, will be priced at 2,599 yuan. Meanwhile, the fully equipped 32GB+1TB variant will retail at 3,699 yuan, providing ample memory and storage space for demanding tasks.

Design and Build

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Beelink SER8 showcases a sleek and modern aesthetic, available in two sophisticated colors: Frost Silver and Space Gray. The integrated non-porous design on the sides and top not only enhances visual appeal but also contributes to efficient heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance even during prolonged usage.

A standout feature of the SER8 is its bottom design, featuring a high-density breathable etched metal mesh. This innovative addition serves a dual purpose, acting as a barrier against external dust particles while facilitating airflow to prevent dust accumulation within the device. Such measures are crucial for maintaining long-term reliability and performance integrity.

Performance and Customization

Under the hood, the Beelink SER8 is powered by an AMD Ryzen R7 8845HS processor, renowned for its exceptional performance and energy efficiency. The device supports up to dual-channel 256GB DDR5 5600MHz memory, delivering seamless multitasking and responsiveness for intensive workloads.

Storage options are equally impressive, with support for dual M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 SSDs, expandable up to a staggering 8TB. This versatility ensures ample space for storing large files, applications, and multimedia content without compromising on speed or reliability.

Adaptive Working Modes

One of the key highlights of the Beelink SER8 is its adaptive working modes, allowing users to tailor performance settings according to their specific requirements and usage scenarios. Whether prioritizing a quiet environment and energy efficiency or seeking maximum performance for demanding tasks, the SER8 offers two distinct modes to accommodate diverse needs.

In balance mode (54W), users can enjoy a tranquil computing experience with reduced power consumption, ideal for everyday tasks and light productivity. Conversely, performance mode (65W) unleashes the full potential of the device, delivering unparalleled speed and responsiveness for intensive workloads, albeit with slightly higher noise levels and temperatures.

Connectivity and Display

The Beelink SER8 is equipped with a comprehensive array of connectivity options to facilitate seamless integration with external devices and peripherals. Featuring HDMI 2.1, DP 1.4, and full-featured USB4 interfaces, the device supports high-definition displays with resolutions up to 4K at 144Hz, ensuring stunning visuals and immersive multimedia experiences.


With its cutting-edge features, customizable performance, and elegant design, the Beelink SER8 Mini PC emerges as a formidable contender in the competitive market segment. Whether utilized for professional work, entertainment, or creative pursuits, this versatile device promises to redefine the boundaries of compact computing, offering unparalleled performance and flexibility to discerning users worldwide.

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