GPD DUO Screen Edition: The World's First 13.3-Inch Dual OLED Screen Notebook


The GPD DUO Screen Edition is a groundbreaking notebook designed to cater to the needs of engineers and professionals requiring extreme portability and high performance. This innovative device combines dual 13.3-inch OLED screens with a robust set of features, aiming to enhance productivity for developers and designers who frequently utilize dual screens but find existing solutions lacking in portability.

Design and Concept

The concept behind the GPD DUO stems from the increasing demand for portable yet powerful dual-screen devices. While existing dual-screen monitors and devices offer some solutions, they often require separate components like external keyboards and are not easily portable. The GPD DUO aims to integrate all necessary features into a single, cohesive unit, inspired by tablets and foldable phones, but designed to avoid compromises in performance and usability.

Key Features

  • Integrated Design: The GPD DUO features a fully integrated design with a built-in keyboard, eliminating the need for separate Bluetooth or wireless keyboards. This ensures a more stable and reliable typing experience.
  • Extreme Performance:Equipped with powerful hardware, the GPD DUO is designed to maximize performance. It aims to offer capabilities comparable to gaming laptops, making it suitable for both office work and gaming.
  • Dual OLED Screens: The notebook boasts two 13.3-inch Samsung original OLED panels with 10-bit color depth, supporting 1.07 billion colors. These screens provide exceptional picture quality with high contrast and vivid colors.
  • Professional-Grade Display:The OLED screens support 100% Adobe RGB and 133% sRGB color gamuts, making them ideal for professional design work. The screens also support handwriting and 4096-level pressure-sensitive pens, compatible with the Surface Pen stylus.
  • Universal Ports and Expandability: The device includes a variety of ports for maximum expandability, including the ability to connect to an external graphics card. It supports at least two M.2 ports, allowing storage expansion up to 8TB or 16TB and memory up to 96GB.
  • Long Battery Life: Despite its high performance, the GPD DUO aims to offer battery life comparable to high-end thin and light notebooks, ensuring it remains functional throughout the workday.
  • Portable Size: The notebook is designed to be as portable as an A4 sheet of paper, making it easy to carry in a shoulder bag. This consideration ensures it meets the needs of users who require a compact device without sacrificing performance.
  • AI and Computing Power:As an AI PC, the GPD DUO offers powerful computing capabilities, extensive storage, and multi-modal interaction features, enhancing its versatility across different use scenarios.

Screen Specifications and Performance

  • Dual OLED Screens:Each screen is 13.3 inches, with a combined viewing area of 18 inches when unfolded. The resolution is 2880 × 1800, equivalent to four 1440 × 900 screens, with a pixel density of 255 PPI. The screens support a 60Hz refresh rate, 10-point touch, handwriting, and 4096-level pressure sensitivity.
  • Color Accuracy: The screens offer 100% Adobe RGB and 133% sRGB color gamut coverage, ensuring accurate color representation for professional design work. Each screen is factory-calibrated to ensure Delta E < 1, providing consistent color accuracy across devices.
  • Contrast and Brightness: The OLED technology allows for a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, presenting true blacks and bright whites. The screens have a peak brightness of 500 nits, enhancing visibility in various lighting conditions.
  • Thin and Lightweight: The screens utilize LTPS technology and Corning Gorilla Glass, resulting in a combined thickness of only 0.3mm. The entire device remains lightweight and portable, with a screen display area covering over 90% of the overall screen size.

Usability and Portability

When folded, the GPD DUO is the size of an A4 paper, with a body thickness of approximately 24mm. It fits easily into medium-sized shoulder bags, catering to users who require a device that is both powerful and portable. The design also takes into account the needs of female users, ensuring the notebook can be comfortably carried in a typical tote bag.

Usage Scenarios

The GPD DUO can adapt to various scenarios, including office work, gaming, and creative tasks. The secondary screen can operate independently or mirror the main screen, and it can be turned off when not in use to save power. An independent brightness adjustment key on the secondary screen allows for easy control in tablet mode.


The GPD DUO Screen Edition stands out as the world's first 13.3-inch dual OLED screen notebook designed specifically for engineers and professionals. Its combination of portability, high performance, professional-grade displays, and extensive expandability makes it a versatile tool for a wide range of applications. This innovative device addresses the growing need for portable productivity solutions, providing a comprehensive and integrated approach to dual-screen computing.

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