RedMagic Unveils Game Controller at Upcoming Esports Universe Event


RedMagic, a leading name in the gaming industry, has announced a highly anticipated product launch event set for 19:00 on July 3. The event, dubbed the "RedMagic Esports Universe," promises to be a milestone for the company as it ventures into the realm of console gaming accessories with the debut of its first-ever game controller.

Pioneering Innovation in Gaming Hardware

The spotlight of the event will be the unveiling of the RedMagic game controller, a device poised to redefine gaming experiences with its state-of-the-art features. Central to the controller's design is its 0 dead zone Hall rocker, an advanced joystick technology that promises unparalleled precision and responsiveness. This innovation ensures that every subtle movement is captured accurately, providing gamers with an edge in competitive play.


Complementing the Hall rocker is the controller’s dual-mode trigger system. The combination of a micro trigger and a linear trigger offers versatility, catering to different gaming genres and styles. The micro trigger provides quick, responsive feedback suitable for fast-paced action games, while the linear trigger allows for gradual input, ideal for racing games and simulations.

Cutting-Edge Wireless Performance

In a market where latency can mean the difference between victory and defeat, the RedMagic game controller’s wireless capabilities are set to impress. The device supports a 1000Hz report rate, ensuring that inputs are registered with lightning speed. This high report rate translates to a mere millisecond of input delay, making the controller one of the fastest on the market. Competitive gamers will appreciate the seamless, lag-free connection, whether they are in the heat of an esports tournament or enjoying a casual gaming session at home.

Striking Transparent Design

Aesthetic appeal is another key aspect of the RedMagic game controller. The device features a transparent design that allows gamers to see the intricate workings of the vibration motor inside the handle. This visual element not only adds a unique and futuristic look but also highlights the controller’s sophisticated engineering. The transparent shell is complemented by ergonomic contours, ensuring comfort during extended gaming sessions.

The RedMagic Esports Universe Event

The RedMagic Esports Universe event is expected to draw significant attention from both the gaming community and tech enthusiasts worldwide. Alongside the game controller, RedMagic is anticipated to showcase a range of products and innovations aimed at enhancing the gaming ecosystem. The event will be streamed live, allowing fans and media to witness the unveiling in real time.

RedMagic's Commitment to Excellence

Looking Ahead

As the countdown to the RedMagic Esports Universe event begins, excitement within the gaming community continues to build. The RedMagic game controller, with its groundbreaking features and striking design, is poised to set new standards in the gaming industry. Whether you are a professional esports athlete or a casual gamer, the upcoming launch promises to deliver a device that combines cutting-edge technology with practical functionality, setting the stage for a new era in gaming hardware.


Stay tuned on July 3 at 19:00 to witness the next leap in gaming innovation as RedMagic unveils its game-changing controller and further solidifies its position at the forefront of the gaming world.

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