TECNO Showcased AR Gaming Set and Pocket Windows Handheld at MWC Barcelona 2024

TECNO, a leading innovator in the smartphone and AIoT industry, made waves at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2024 by showcasing its cutting-edge lineup of products, including the highly anticipated POVA 6 Pro 5G smartphone. However, stealing the spotlight was the unveiling of their groundbreaking TECNO Pocket Go, a fusion of AR glasses and a Windows handheld, redefining portable gaming experiences.

The TECNO Pocket Go marks a significant leap forward in gaming technology, integrating AR glasses with a Windows handheld for the first time. This innovative combination aims to overcome the limitations of bulky gaming devices while delivering an immersive 6D gaming experience.

At the heart of the Pocket Go lies the AR Pocket Vision headset, boasting a 0.71-inch Micro-OLED screen that replicates the sensation of viewing a massive 215-inch television from a distance of six meters. Equipped with a six-axis gyroscope, N'BASS® nano-structured acoustic materials, and advanced AI algorithms for head-tracking and vibration, the headset ensures unparalleled immersion for gamers. Moreover, with adjustable diopter settings of up to 600°, it caters to users with varying visual needs, prioritizing comfort during extended gaming sessions.


Under the hood, the Pocket Go packs a punch with its 8-core processor, boasting a 35-watt TDP and running on Windows OS. While the specific processor model remains undisclosed, speculation suggests it may be powered by the AMD Ryzen 7 7840U, offering eight cores, 16 threads, and turbo frequencies of up to 5.1 GHz, coupled with an integrated AMD Radeon 780M core display.

Complementing the AR headset is the groundbreaking Pocket Windows Handheld, which revolutionizes portable gaming with its compact form factor. With dimensions 50% smaller and 30% lighter than standard gaming handhelds, it combines the convenience of a smartphone with the power of a dedicated gaming device. Sporting the same high-performance processor as the AR headset, the handheld ensures seamless gaming experiences on the go, backed by a 50Wh replaceable battery for extended playtime.

The TECNO Smart Box serves as the central hub for managing games and settings, simplifying the gaming experience for users. Furthermore, the Pocket Go seamlessly integrates into the TECNO ecosystem, facilitating connectivity with other TECNO devices and transforming into a mobile workstation for productivity on the move.


In unveiling the Pocket Go and Pocket Windows Handheld, TECNO reaffirms its commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of gaming technology. With these groundbreaking products, TECNO aims to redefine how users engage with AR gaming, paving the way for immersive experiences beyond imagination.


As MWC Barcelona 2024 unfolds, tech enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the commercial release of TECNO's latest marvels, poised to revolutionize the gaming landscape and elevate entertainment to new heights.

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