ZPG A1 Unicorn Retro Gaming Handheld Console Now Available for Pre-Sale


The gaming world is abuzz with excitement as ZPG unveils its latest innovation, the ZPG A1 Unicorn retro gaming handheld console. Having debuted in November last year, this cutting-edge device is now up for pre-sale, with shipments expected to commence in the second quarter of this year. Offering a nostalgic trip down memory lane coupled with modern features, the ZPG A1 aims to revolutionize the handheld gaming experience.

Specifications and Pricing

The ZPG A1 is available in two configurations to cater to diverse user preferences. The first variant boasts 6GB of RAM paired with 128GB of internal storage, priced at 999 yuan ($138.07). However, early birds can secure this model at a discounted first pre-order price of 899 yuan ($124.25). Alternatively, the second configuration offers 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage, priced at 1,099 yuan ($151.89), with an initial pre-order discount bringing it down to 999 yuan ($138.07).

Performance and Features

Under the hood, the ZPG A1 is powered by the Helio G99 processor, manufactured using TSMC's advanced 6nm process. This processor boasts 2x 2.2GHz A76 and 6x 2.0GHz A55 cores, along with a Mali G57 MC2 GPU. The inclusion of a built-in fan ensures active cooling, allowing for sustained performance during intense gaming sessions. Officials assert that the device's capabilities are robust enough to handle GameCube and PS2 games seamlessly.

The handheld console features a 4500mAh battery and supports 18W fast charging via a Type-C interface, ensuring prolonged gaming sessions without interruption. Control mechanisms include a 4-inch 720 x 720 square screen, Hall rocker, mechanical micro buttons, and floating fighting cross keys, providing users with precise and responsive gameplay. Moreover, a built-in six-axis gyroscope enhances the immersive gaming experience.

Design and Customization

Available in three striking colors—retro white, black and transparent, and purple and transparent—the ZPG A1 offers users the opportunity to express their individuality. Its sleek and ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended gaming sessions, while the transparent variants add a touch of nostalgia reminiscent of classic gaming consoles.


With its blend of retro aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, the ZPG A1 Unicorn retro gaming handheld console promises to captivate gaming enthusiasts worldwide. Whether reliving cherished childhood memories or exploring new gaming adventures, this device is set to redefine portable gaming experiences. As pre-orders open up, anticipation mounts for what could potentially be a game-changer in the handheld gaming industry.

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