8Bitdo Launches Special Edition Ultimate Controllers: Celebrating 10 Years and the Nintendo FC's 40th Anniversary


8Bitdo, a renowned gaming peripheral manufacturer, has recently unveiled two special editions of their popular Ultimate Controller. These limited-edition versions pay homage to two significant milestones—the 10th anniversary of 8Bitdo and the 40th anniversary of the Nintendo Famicom, the Japanese counterpart to the iconic NES.

The 8Bitdo Ultimate Controller, recognized as the brand's flagship gamepad, is known for its versatility and compatibility. It comes in various iterations for Android, iOS, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, a special wired version is available specifically for Xbox users. The new special editions are based on the wireless version of the controller and are compatible with the Nintendo Switch, SteamOS, and Windows platforms.

The design for the 10th-anniversary edition was chosen through a community competition, where one submission was selected from numerous entries. The winning design features the Chinese character 拾, meaning "10," with an underlying representation of the number 10. 8Bitdo explains that this design symbolically integrates Chinese and Western cultures.


Limited to only 2013 copies (symbolizing the year 8Bitdo was founded), the 10th-anniversary edition is expected to be extremely difficult to acquire. Most of the available models on the official website have already been sold out, indicating the immense popularity of these special editions among gaming enthusiasts.

The Famicom version commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Nintendo Famicom, which was the original name of the Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan. While the design may evoke nostalgia for Japanese gamers, it may not resonate as strongly with Western consumers who are more familiar with the NES. However, the special edition's predominantly red color scheme, adorned with gold accents, still holds aesthetic appeal for gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

In addition to the unique design, both special editions of the Ultimate Controller come with a matching charging dock. The package includes a metal key fob, interchangeable silicone attachments for the control sticks, and a transport case in a matching color scheme, enhancing the overall value and collectability of these limited-edition controllers.

To purchase the special editions, customers can visit the official 8Bitdo website. However, due to their limited availability, it is expected that the 10th-anniversary edition will sell out quickly. Priced at $79.99 and $89.99 respectively, the special editions are priced similarly to the standard Ultimate Controller, which is currently available on Amazon.de for €74.99.

In conclusion, 8Bitdo's release of the special edition Ultimate Controllers marks significant milestones for the company and the gaming industry. With their unique designs and limited availability, these controllers are sure to become highly sought-after collectibles among gaming enthusiasts and fans of 8Bitdo's exceptional gaming peripherals.

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