AJAZZ Launches M259 Magnesium PAW3395 Wireless Mouse


AJAZZ, a renowned name in gaming peripherals, has unveiled its latest innovation – the AJAZZ M259 Magnalium PAW3395 Wireless Mouse. Now available for sale, this cutting-edge mouse promises to elevate the gaming experience with its advanced features and ergonomic design.

Ergonomic and Lightweight Design

Comfort is paramount during long gaming sessions, and the AJAZZ M259 excels in this area with its ergonomic design. Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, the mouse is both light and portable. Its design cradles the hand, providing maximum comfort and minimizing fatigue. The ergonomic shape ensures that every movement feels natural and precise, enhancing overall gameplay performance.

Unmatched Sensitivity with PAW3395 Sensor

At the heart of the AJAZZ M259 lies the highly sensitive PAW3395 optical sensor. This state-of-the-art sensor delivers smooth and precise tracking, crucial for gamers who require accuracy and responsiveness. With a polling rate of 1K Hz both wired and wirelessly, and an impressive sensitivity of up to 26,000 DPI, the M259 ensures that every move is translated accurately on-screen, giving gamers the edge they need in competitive scenarios.

Reliable Polling Rate

The AJAZZ M259 supports a consistent 1000Hz polling rate in both wireless and wired modes. This means that the mouse sends data to the computer 1000 times per second, resulting in virtually zero lag and instantaneous cursor movements. Such a high polling rate is essential for gamers who rely on split-second reactions.

Versatile Connection Options

Flexibility is a key feature of the AJAZZ M259, which offers three different connection methods: Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, and wired USB. The advanced wireless technology ensures a stable connection, providing a seamless gaming experience free from the constraints of cables. Whether you prefer the freedom of wireless or the reliability of a wired connection, the M259 has you covered.

Extended Battery Life

The AJAZZ M259 boasts an impressive battery life. Equipped with a built-in 350mAh battery, the mouse offers up to 55 hours of continuous use on a single charge. This ensures that gamers can enjoy extended gaming sessions without worrying about frequent recharging.


The AJAZZ M259 Magnalium PAW3395 Wireless Mouse is a testament to AJAZZ's commitment to delivering high-quality gaming peripherals. With its top-tier sensor, versatile connection options, long battery life, and ergonomic design, the M259 is set to become a favorite among gamers seeking precision, comfort, and reliability. Now available for purchase, this mouse represents a significant step forward in gaming technology.

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