Amazing !!! MinixTec Launched Latest N200 Processor M1 Mini PC


In a move set to disrupt the mini PC market, MINIXTEC has introduced its latest innovation, the M1 Mini PC. Packed with powerful specifications, unique features, and an attractive price point, the MINIXTEC M1 is poised to become a game-changer in the world of compact computing. 

Impressive Hardware Configuration: Power and Performance Unleashed

At the heart of the MINIXTEC M1 Mini PC lies the 12th Generation Intel Alder Lake-N95 processor, boasting a clock speed of up to 3.4GHz and a 6MB L3 cache. This processor, with a 20W TDP, sets the M1 apart from its competitors, providing over 33% more performance than N5105/N5095 and 13% more than other N95/N100 mini PCs. The result is a reliable and efficient mini PC capable of handling daily tasks with ease, whether it's office work, online training, 4K video playback, or design projects.

Ample Storage and Memory: Unmatched Speed and Convenience

The MINIXTEC M1 Mini PC comes equipped with 16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM, ensuring seamless multitasking and reduced latency. The 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD, with two M.2 slots (one for SATA SSD and the other for PCIE/SATA adaptive), offers ample storage for files and applications. The unique magnetic design allows for memory expansion in just one second, providing users with flexibility and convenience. It's worth noting that the M1 Mini PC does not support adding a 2.5'' HDD/SSD.

Innovative LCD Display and RGB Lighting: Aesthetic Appeal and Functionality 

One of the standout features of the MINIXTEC M1 Mini PC is its personalized LCD display. Users can easily monitor the mini PC's operating status, time, temperature, and more through this display. Moreover, the ability to customize the background adds a personal touch. The inclusion of colorful RGB lighting not only enhances the visual appeal but also injects vibrancy into both work and leisure activities.

Advanced Connectivity: Faster Internet, Multiple Options

The M1 Mini PC raises the connectivity bar with built-in 802.11ax, 2.4G + 5G dual-band WiFi 6. With a maximum transfer rate of 9.6Gbps – a significant leap from the 3.5Gbps of WiFi 5 – users can enjoy a faster internet experience for surfing, streaming, and light gaming. The dual LAN port design further expands options for network construction. Additionally, Bluetooth 5.2 support enables effortless connectivity with wireless keyboards, mice, and other devices.

Compact Design and Versatility: Saving Space Without Compromise

Weighing in at a mere 0.38 kg and measuring 12.412.84 cm, the MINIXTEC M1 Mini PC features a compact design that allows users to save valuable desk space. The included base holder provides the flexibility to place the mini PC either vertically or flat. Additionally, the M1 comes with a pre-installed operating system and supports Linux, Wake On LAN, RTC Wake, and Auto Power On, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.

Pricing and Availability: MINIXTEC M1 Mini PC

The MINIXTEC M1 Mini PC is now available for purchase on the official MinixPC website, with a starting price of $199.99. This competitive pricing positions the M1 as an attractive option for users seeking a powerful and versatile mini PC solution.

In summary, the MINIXTEC M1 Mini PC combines cutting-edge hardware, innovative features, and a sleek design, making it a compelling choice for users in search of a high-performance, compact computing solution.


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