AYANEO Releases BIOS Upgrade for FLIP Series Handheld Consoles


AYANEO, a pioneering name in the handheld gaming industry, has officially announced a BIOS upgrade for its FLIP KB and DS series handheld consoles, enhancing performance and addressing certain issues. This upgrade underscores AYANEO's commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and improving user experience.

One of the notable features of the AYANEO FLIP series handheld consoles is the utilization of LPDDR5X high-frequency memory, boasting impressive specifications supporting up to 7500MHz. However, the factory default setting was limited to 6400MHz. The BIOS upgrade now allows users to switch between these frequencies, offering greater flexibility in optimizing performance according to their preferences. Additionally, the upgrade addresses a low-performance issue that some users encountered while playing certain D3D games, promising smoother gameplay and enhanced gaming experiences.

The upgrade process, while straightforward, requires careful attention to ensure its successful implementation. Users are instructed to plug the AYANEO FLIP series handheld console into the power adapter, ensuring it is in the Windows system mode, and then execute the provided script, AF01_XX.bat, located in the designated folder. Officials caution users against any operations during the upgrade to prevent potential interruptions, emphasizing the inherent risks associated with BIOS upgrades and advising users to proceed with caution.

The AYANEO FLIP series, introduced earlier this year, has garnered attention for its innovative design and functionality. The FLIP flip handheld machine adopts a standard layout familiar to gamers, prioritizing handle button placement for ergonomic comfort. Notably, it introduces an optical finger mouse module, allowing for precise cursor control and seamless operation without blind spots, enhancing the versatility of the handheld device.

Furthermore, the FLIP series distinguishes itself with a unique damped hinge flip cover design, enabling full-angle flipping and 180° full expansion. This design feature also offers two preset locking angles at 120° and 150°, providing users with flexibility in usage scenarios and ensuring optimal viewing angles for various activities.

With this BIOS upgrade, AYANEO continues to refine and optimize its FLIP series handheld consoles, catering to the evolving needs and preferences of gamers. By addressing performance issues and introducing new features, AYANEO reaffirms its commitment to delivering high-quality gaming experiences to enthusiasts worldwide.

As users eagerly anticipate the implementation of the BIOS upgrade, AYANEO remains at the forefront of innovation in the handheld gaming industry, poised to redefine gaming experiences with its revolutionary FLIP series consoles.

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