GameSir Launched G7 SE: The Ultimate Solution to Stick Drift in Xbox Controllers


Game controllers have been an integral part of the gaming experience, but one persistent issue that has plagued gamers across platforms is stick drift. It occurs when the thumbsticks on a controller register movement even when the user is not touching them, leading to frustrating and unintended gameplay. However, gaming peripheral brand GameSir has taken a significant step forward in addressing this problem with the launch of the GameSir G7 SE wired controller for Xbox and Windows PC. Featuring innovative Hall Effect thumbsticks, this controller aims to revolutionize the gaming experience by eliminating the notorious stick drift problem.

A Revolutionary Controller

The GameSir G7 SE is a licensed wired controller that is compatible with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10/11. The controller features a familiar button and stick layout found on the standard Xbox controller, with two additional programmable back buttons for enhanced control. These back buttons come equipped with quick latches to prevent unintended inputs.

The Game-Changing Hall Effect Sticks

The standout feature of the G7 SE is undoubtedly its Hall Effect thumbsticks. Unlike conventional analogue thumbsticks found in most controllers, Hall Effect sticks utilize non-contact magnetic sensors. This technology ensures that wear and tear, the primary cause of stick drift, is entirely eliminated. The G7 SE proudly holds the distinction of being the first licensed Xbox controller to incorporate Hall Effect sticks. With this groundbreaking technology, gamers can bid farewell to the frustrations of stick drift and enjoy smooth and accurate controls.

Customization at Your Fingertips

The GameSir Nexus software offers players extensive customization options. With this user-friendly software, gamers can effortlessly fine-tune their settings, remap buttons, and switch between multiple profiles, tailoring the controller to suit their individual playstyle.

Paint-Friendly Swappable Faceplates

Adding another layer of uniqueness, the G7 SE comes with swappable faceplates that are paint-friendly. This means gamers can remove the faceplate, unleash their creativity, and paint their desired designs, characters, or any artwork on it. Once done, they can simply snap the faceplate back on, resulting in a personalized controller like no other. This feature not only allows for extensive customization but also saves gamers money, as they can refresh the controller's appearance without the need to purchase an entirely new one.


For gamers who have been vexed by stick drift issues in the past, the GameSir G7 SE wired controller is an essential addition to their gaming arsenal. With Hall Effect sticks, the G7 SE eradicates stick drift entirely, offering a seamless and responsive gaming experience. Moreover, its customizability, courtesy of the GameSir Nexus software and paint-friendly faceplates, sets it apart from other controllers on the market. The G7 SE proves that innovative technologies and thoughtful design can elevate the gaming experience to new heights, ensuring hours of frustration-free gameplay for enthusiasts worldwide.

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