GameSir Unveils Nova NS Edition Game Controller, Tailored for Enhanced Gaming Experience


GameSir, a leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals, has recently announced the official release of its latest innovation, the "Nova NS Edition" game controller. Priced at an enticing starting point of 149 yuan, the controller is now available for purchase on, marking a significant advancement in gaming accessories tailored specifically for Nintendo Switch enthusiasts.

Distinguished from its predecessor, the GameSir Nova Lite controller, the "Nova NS Edition" is engineered with a distinct focus and revamped features tailored for NS games, providing gamers with an elevated and immersive gaming experience. Among its notable features is the integration of a "voice coil" linear motor akin to the technology found in the PS5, delivering a wider vibration frequency spectrum while supporting the HD vibration functionality of the Nintendo Switch. This innovation not only maintains the high-frequency vibrations characteristic of the Switch Pro but also addresses the absence of low-frequency vibrations, promising users a heightened level of sensory engagement. According to GameSir officials, the controller can even emit corresponding sounds based on specific in-game scenarios, further enhancing the immersive experience.

Incorporating a six-axis gyroscope, the "Nova NS Edition" extends support to NS native somatosensory games, ensuring precise and responsive gameplay. Additionally, the controller features two programmable back buttons, facilitating macro programming for button mapping and action recording, empowering gamers with customized control options tailored to their preferences.

Aesthetically, the "Nova NS Edition" boasts a sleek design available in two captivating colors: "Retro White" and "Cyber Blue". Complementing its aesthetic appeal are a pair of 16-million-color RGB halos with five adjustable lighting effects, allowing users to personalize their gaming setup with ease.

Furthermore, the controller is equipped with a 1200mAh battery, silicone non-linear triggers, and a convenient one-button wake-up function for the Switch console, ensuring uninterrupted gaming sessions. Despite its nomenclature suggesting a focus solely on the Nintendo Switch platform, the "Nova NS Edition" offers cross-platform compatibility, extending support to PC, Android, and iOS devices (iOS 16 and above). Users can seamlessly connect and utilize the controller via Bluetooth 5.3, 2.4G, or wired connections, enhancing versatility and accessibility across multiple gaming platforms.

Highlighting its precision and reliability, the "Nova NS Edition" incorporates a customized Hall rocker, akin to the GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro controller. GameSir emphasizes that the electromagnetic Hall rocker effectively mitigates joystick drift, while the built-in chip, combined with years of algorithmic refinement, ensures seamless and accurate gameplay, promising an unparalleled gaming experience for enthusiasts.

With its array of innovative features and cross-platform compatibility, the GameSir "Nova NS Edition" game controller emerges as a promising addition to the gaming accessory market, catering to the diverse needs of gamers seeking superior performance and enhanced immersion in their gaming endeavors.

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