GPD Unveils Next-Generation Handheld Console Introducing the GPD WIN Max 2 with AMD Ryzen™ 7 8840U Processor


GPD (GamePad Digital) has announced the upcoming launch of the GPD WIN Max 2, featuring the powerful AMD Ryzen™ 7 8840U processor. Scheduled for pre-sale starting at 10 am on April 7, the GPD WIN Max 2 promises to deliver exceptional performance and versatility for gaming enthusiasts and light office users alike.

The GPD WIN Max 2 marks a notable upgrade from its predecessor, with the inclusion of the AMD Ryzen™ 7 8840U processor. This latest iteration boasts 8 cores and 16 threads, with a turbo frequency of 5.1GHz, ensuring smooth and efficient multitasking capabilities. Furthermore, the integration of a Radeon 780M core display enhances graphics performance, delivering an immersive gaming experience.

To cater to a diverse range of users, GPD will offer multiple configurations of the WIN Max 2 during the pre-sale period. The base model, featuring the AMD Ryzen™ 5 7640U processor paired with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD, will be available at a pre-order price of 4999 yuan ($690.90). Meanwhile, the top-tier variant, equipped with the AMD Ryzen™ 7 8840U processor, 32GB of RAM, and a 2TB SSD, will retail for 7,399 yuan ($1022.60) during the pre-sale period.


In addition to its powerful internals, the GPD WIN Max 2 boasts a range of impressive features designed to enhance user experience. The device sports a 10.1-inch eye-protecting full screen with a narrow bezel design, providing a spacious and immersive display for gaming and productivity tasks. The inclusion of a pressure-sensitive pen, support for 10-point touch, and a full metal body further elevate the device's premium feel and functionality.

Furthermore, the GPD WIN Max 2 incorporates innovative cooling solutions, including a large turbo fan and dual heat pipe design, to ensure optimal performance during extended gaming sessions. The introduction of mappable back keys and linear trigger keys, along with dual vibration motors and a six-axis gyroscope, offers enhanced control and feedback for gamers.

One of the standout features of the GPD WIN Max 2 is its versatility, with a design that seamlessly transitions between a gaming console and a business notebook. The inclusion of a magnetic rocker cover and support for a graphics card dock via the integrated Oculink interface further expands the device's capabilities, catering to both entertainment and productivity needs.

Additionally, the GPD WIN Max 2 offers modern connectivity options, including support for 4G LTE connectivity and dual M.2 card slots for expanded storage options. The inclusion of a 2 million pixel ultra-wide-angle camera, fingerprint unlocking, and fast charging capabilities further enhance the device's appeal for users on the go.

With a robust 67Wh capacity battery offering up to 3 hours of gaming life and 100W fast charging support, the GPD WIN Max 2 ensures minimal downtime and maximum enjoyment for gamers and professionals alike.

Overall, the GPD WIN Max 2 represents a significant advancement in portable gaming technology, combining powerful performance, versatile functionality, and innovative design to deliver a premium gaming experience on the go. As the pre-sale date approaches, anticipation is high among gaming enthusiasts eager to get their hands on this groundbreaking device.

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