GPD Upgraded G1 Graphics Card Dock with 60W/100W Power Modes


GPD, a leading name in portable gaming devices, has announced the imminent launch of an upgraded version of its G1 graphics card dock. The revised G1 promises significant enhancements tailored to enrich the gaming experience for enthusiasts. Set to debut at the end of this month, the revamped dock boasts three notable improvements that are poised to elevate performance and functionality.

Introduction of a Physical Power Switching Button

One of the standout features of the upgraded G1 dock is the inclusion of a physical power switching button. Positioned adjacent to the power button, this new addition facilitates seamless toggling between silent and balanced modes. In silent mode, the Total Graphics Power (TGP) is capped at 60W, ensuring whisper-quiet operation with minimal noise output. Conversely, switching to balanced mode unleashes the full potential of the dock with a TGP of 100W, delivering a gaming experience on par with the factory settings of the original G1.

Enhanced HDMI Interface with High Refresh Rates

Addressing a common concern among users, the revised G1 dock incorporates improvements to its HDMI interface. While the previous version theoretically supported 4K/120Hz output, practical limitations restricted it to 4K/60Hz due to signal interference. This revision eliminates such impediments, enabling seamless 4K/120Hz output via the HDMI interface. This enhancement is expected to cater to gamers who prefer HDMI connectivity over DisplayPort, thereby broadening compatibility and usability.

Upgraded USB4 Port with Increased Power Supply

Another significant upgrade lies in the USB4 port, which now offers enhanced power supply capabilities. The initial iteration of the G1 dock featured a Thunderbolt 4 controller supporting 60W power supply. However, reports surfaced regarding compatibility issues with certain devices, such as select Surface models and Lenovo ultrabooks, indicating inadequate power delivery.

To rectify this, the revised G1 dock replaces the Thunderbolt 4 controller, addressing firmware bugs and boosting power supply to 65W. This enhancement ensures broader compatibility and reliable power delivery to a wider array of devices, eliminating issues like intermittent charging or device flashing.

Anticipated Launch and Future Prospects

GPD officials have confirmed that the upgraded G1 graphics card dock is currently undergoing preparations for mass production, with a targeted launch at the end of the month. Additionally, enthusiasts can also look forward to the imminent release of the GPD WIN4 (8840U) version handheld console, slated for mass production and availability around the same timeframe.

As GPD continues to innovate and refine its offerings, these latest developments signal a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the gaming community. With enhanced features and improved functionality, the upgraded G1 dock and forthcoming handheld console aim to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience to enthusiasts worldwide.

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