GPD WIN 4 (2023) Gaming Handheld Announced - Powered By AMD Ryzen 7840U & 7640U APUs


GPD has recently unveiled its latest gaming handheld, the GPD WIN4 (2023). Set to revolutionize the gaming experience, this cutting-edge device is scheduled to launch a public beta program in July. The WIN4 (2023) comes in two versions, featuring the powerful AMD R7 7840U and AMD R5 7640U processors. One notable enhancement is the upgraded memory, now equipped with LPDDR5x technology running at an impressive speed of 7500 MT/s. Users can choose from three memory options: 16GB, 32GB, and a whopping 64GB.

Furthermore, the storage system has undergone a significant overhaul, with a full upgrade to PCIe Gen 4. The renowned BIWIN brand, provides high-capacity TLC storage, available in three sizes: 512GB, 2TB, and an astonishing 4TB. With these advancements, the GPD WIN4 (2023) is set to deliver exceptional gaming performance and ample storage for gamers on the go.

In the above image, it is evident that the WIN 4 device has undergone a modification to accommodate the GPD G1 graphics dock. This adaptation involves replacing the USB A port located on the top of WIN 4 with an Oculink (SFF-8612) port. The Oculink port serves as a modified PCIe 4×4 interface, effectively functioning as a direct connection between the graphics card dock and WIN 4. This configuration enables a substantial bandwidth of 63Gbps, allowing for efficient data transmission between the two devices.

The GPD WIN 4 handheld boasts impressive hardware specifications, including the powerful R7 6800U processor. Priced at $830, the 16GB RAM and 512GB storage variant offers ample space for storage and smooth multitasking capabilities. When it comes to the display, the GPD WIN 4 features a 6-inch screen designed with eye protection in mind. With a crisp 1080P resolution and a pixel density of 368PPI, the visuals are sharp and vibrant. The screen is protected by the 5th generation Corning Gorilla Glass, ensuring durability and resistance to scratches. Additionally, the GPD WIN 4 offers two refresh rate options: 60Hz and 40Hz, providing flexibility for different use cases.

The GPD WIN 4 handheld device showcases a thoughtful design approach. Its fuselage boasts a PSP-inspired arc design at both ends, ensuring a more evenly distributed force when held. The grip is ergonomically designed with a protrusion, further enhancing comfort during use. Additionally, the optical finger mouse implemented in the device allows for pressing the "Enter" key, eliminating the need for constant adjustments between the "handle" and "mouse" modes. The inclusion of a 6-axis gyroscope enables the playing of somatosensory games, enhancing the gaming experience. The joystick, on the other hand, reverts to a traditional dislocation layout, featuring a split rocker cap consisting of a skirt and a cap.

This design allows the cap to securely clamp the skirt, preventing accidental detachment. The keyboard also embraces a traditional dome button layout and offers adjustable brightness and backlight options, providing flexibility and customization. Dual Type C ports are integrated into the device, allowing simultaneous monitor connectivity and charging. Notably, the shoulder button incorporates a captivating colorful lighting effect, with multiple modes available for users to switch between. These design elements collectively contribute to an exceptional user experience with the GPD WIN 4 handheld device.

The highly anticipated GPD Win 4 2023 handheld gaming console has made its debut on the popular crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. Gaming enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals can now contribute to the project and secure their own unit. Scheduled for release in August 2023, the GPD Win 4 promises to revolutionize portable gaming with its cutting-edge features and sleek design. While the crowdfunding campaign is underway, the company has not yet revealed the pricing details for both variants of the console. Fans eagerly await further updates and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to get their hands on this next-generation gaming device.

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