iFlytek D1 AI Smart Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with Spark Large Model Integration


In a bold leap into the future of artificial intelligence-enhanced peripherals, iFlytek has launched the D1 AI Smart Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, now paired with the powerful iFlytek Spark large model. This cutting-edge combination is set to redefine user experiences in AI-driven productivity. Priced at an affordable $85 , the iFlytek D1 is ready to elevate your work and creativity to new heights.

The standout feature of the iFlytek D1 is the integration of the iFlytek Spark cognitive large model, providing users with a suite of AI-driven functionalities. From intelligent PPT production to AI Q&A, writing, drawing, Word to PPT conversion, code assistance, course design, mind map generation, SWOT analysis, and manuscript proofreading — the iFlytek D1 is a powerhouse of productivity. Users will also enjoy complimentary features such as an editor, weekly assistant, title expert, speech assistant, and a circle of friends creation assistant.

Designed with efficiency in mind, the iFlytek D1 boasts an 84-key compact layout, paired with high-quality PBT keycaps. The keyboard features Jiadalon short red switches, offering a tactile and responsive typing experience. With a total travel of 3.2±0.2mm and an action stroke of 1.7±0.4mm, the switches provide a lifespan exceeding 60 million keystrokes. This ensures durability and consistent performance, making the iFlytek D1 a reliable choice for users seeking a high-performance mechanical keyboard.

Versatility is a key aspect of the iFlytek D1, as it supports Bluetooth, 2.4G, and wired three-mode connections. This allows users to seamlessly switch between different systems, catering to diverse work environments and preferences. The automatic switching feature ensures a hassle-free experience, enhancing user convenience.


With the iFlytek D1 AI Smart Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, iFlytek has not only created a tool for efficient typing but a companion for intelligent, AI-driven productivity. Whether you are a professional looking to streamline your workflow or a creative mind seeking new ways to express ideas, the iFlytek D1 promises an unparalleled user experience. Invest in the future of keyboards and unlock the potential of AI-driven productivity with the iFlytek D1.

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