Innovative DS135D Notebook Unveils Dual Touchscreens and Diverse Memory Options


Cutting-edge design meets functionality with the Szbox DS135D, a groundbreaking notebook featuring not one, but two 13.5-inch touchscreens. The unique dual-screen setup aims to enhance productivity and user experience, making waves in the tech industry. Designed to be opened like a book, the Szbox DS135D provides an expansive 13.5-inch work surface on each screen, offering a versatile platform for various applications. While the dual touchscreens bring an innovative touch to traditional laptop design, optimal productivity may require the addition of a keyboard and mouse.

Despite the attempt to set the Szbox DS135D apart with its dual-screen feature, some concerns arise regarding its computing power. The notebook is equipped with an Intel N100 processor, known for its limited performance capabilities. With a TDP of 15 watts and four computing cores, the absence of hyperthreading restricts the device to processing only four threads. However, the Szbox DS135D compensates for its processor limitations with diverse memory options. Users can choose from various memory variants, ranging from a 128 GB SSD to a capacious 2 TB SSD.

The notebook consistently boasts 16 GB of RAM and features an NVMe-connected SSD, ensuring fast and efficient data access. In terms of connectivity, the Szbox DS135D offers commendable features, including two USB Type-C ports designed to support the full array of standard functions, making them suitable for image content output. USB 3.0, a jack plug, and Wi-Fi further contribute to the notebook's connectivity prowess. 

For those eager to acquire the Szbox DS135D, it is available for purchase at a competitive starting price of just under US$700. However, potential buyers should exercise caution when considering direct imports due to notable risks associated with warranty enforceability. The Szbox DS135D enters the market as an intriguing blend of innovation and practicality, offering a unique dual-screen experience at an affordable price. As technology enthusiasts anticipate its reception, the notebook's success may hinge on its ability to balance cutting-edge design with sufficient computing power.

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