Intel Unveils Cutting-Edge Core Ultra Mobile Processors at "AI Everywhere" Event


In a groundbreaking announcement at its "AI Everywhere" event on Thursday, Intel introduced its latest Core Ultra mobile processors, marking a significant leap forward in architectural innovation. The processors, based on Intel 4 process technology, promise enhanced performance and efficiency, coupled with the integration of Intel's first on-chip AI accelerator for clients—the "Neural Network Processing Unit (NPU)."

The Core Ultra 7 165H CPU, part of Intel's latest series, has showcased impressive performance gains in official tests. In a single-threaded test, it outperformed AMD Ryzen 7 7840U by 12% and surpassed Qualcomm 8cx Gen 3 by a considerable margin. In multi-threaded performance tests, the Core Ultra 7 165H maintained an 8% lead over Ryzen 7 7840U in "Balanced" mode and extended it to 11% in "Maximum Performance" mode.

The Core Ultra series also boasts a significant boost in GPU performance, featuring the Alchemist Xe LPG iGPU. Supporting advanced features like XeSS and DX12 Ultimate, the GPU delivers up to double the performance of the 13th generation Core i7 chips at 1080p resolution.

Intel claims the Arc Alchemist Xe LPG iGPU is a game-changer, enhancing the graphics and gaming experience in thin and light notebooks without the need for additional upgrades. One standout feature of Intel's Meteor Lake CPU, part of the Core Ultra series, is the integration of the NPU (Neural Processing Unit). This upgrade positions Intel alongside other major PC chip manufacturers, such as AMD, Apple, and Qualcomm, in catering to the growing demand for AI capabilities in personal computing.

Meteor Lake's AI engine, combined with NPU, CPU, and GPU, delivers an impressive overall AI computing power of 34TOPS, supporting large models with up to 20 billion parameters. This empowers Core Ultra processors to run advanced language models, promising a robust generative AI experience.

The Meteor Lake CPU's high-performance, low-power hybrid architecture featuring Redwood Cove P-Core and Crestmont E-Core hybrid cores sets a new standard for energy efficiency. With three core types—P core, E core, and LP-E core—Meteor Lake CPUs provide flexibility for various workloads.

Intel claims that this hybrid architecture reduces power consumption by 25% during online video playback, 38% during video conferencing, and increases daily office application battery life by an impressive 36%.

In addition to its exceptional performance, Core Ultra laptops stand out for their swift image processing capabilities, generating images in just one second and high-quality images in six seconds. The unveiling of Intel's Core Ultra series marks a significant milestone in the evolution of mobile processors, promising a new era of AI-powered computing experiences.

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