Intel's Meteor Lake CPUs Gaining Traction in Handheld Industry; UK Firm Tulpar Joins Race


Intel's latest Meteor Lake CPUs have stirred up the tech industry once again, this time with their entrance into the handheld device market. Tulpar, a UK-based firm, has announced its decision to adopt Intel's Meteor Lake CPUs for its inaugural handheld offering, signaling a new player in the competitive landscape. This move poses a challenge to AMD's dominance with its Phoenix APUs, which have been favored by handheld manufacturers until now.

Tulpar's Entry into the Handheld Industry

Tulpar, while not globally recognized, has established a strong presence in peripheral markets, particularly in the UK. With its upcoming handheld device, the company aims to leverage Intel's cutting-edge technology to make a mark in the handheld industry. The device, teased by Intel Gaming on X, features a standard industry design with an 8-inch display, joystick, and D-pad input layout. Notable design elements include subtle RGB accents on the joysticks and a sleek black and green color scheme, although details on display specifications and onboard storage options remain undisclosed.

Intel Meteor Lake CPU Selection

While the specific Intel Meteor Lake CPU chosen by Tulpar for its handheld device remains undisclosed, speculation points to potential candidates such as the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H and Core Ultra 7 125H. These CPUs have already seen integration into handhelds like OneXPlayer's X1 and MSI's Claw, indicating a growing trend of adoption within the industry. However, official confirmation from Tulpar regarding the CPU selection is awaited.

Competition with AMD's Phoenix APUs

The emergence of Intel's Meteor Lake CPUs in the handheld market intensifies the competition with AMD's Phoenix APUs, which have been the preferred choice for manufacturers in this segment. With Tulpar joining other manufacturers in embracing Intel's technology, the rivalry between the two chip giants is expected to escalate further. The success of Intel's Meteor Lake in handheld devices will hinge on factors such as performance, efficiency, and market reception, ultimately determining its competitiveness against AMD's offerings.


Tulpar's decision to integrate Intel's Meteor Lake CPUs in its handheld device underscores the growing significance of these processors in the tech industry. As competition heats up between Intel and AMD in the handheld market, consumers can anticipate a wider range of options and innovative features in future devices. The success of Intel's Meteor Lake lineup in this segment remains to be seen, but its entry has undoubtedly injected new dynamism into the handheld device market.

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