Machenike Unveils Upgraded Creator Mini II PC with R9-7940H Processor


Machenike has taken a leap forward in innovation by introducing an upgraded version of its Creator Mini II Small PC. The initial launch in August last year received acclaim for its design and functionality, and now, with the integration of the AMD R9-7940H processor, Machenike aims to set a new benchmark for mini PCs.

Enhanced Performance and Expanded Capabilities

The Creator Mini II Small PC, now powered by the AMD R9-7940H processor, boasts a significant performance boost. The base configuration comes with 32GB DDR5 memory and a 1TB SSD, providing users with a seamless and responsive computing experience. The inclusion of Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 ensures high-speed wireless connectivity and compatibility with the latest peripherals. Dual network ports further enhance connectivity options for users requiring high-speed wired connections.

Affordable Pricing with Multiple Configurations

Machenike continues its commitment to offering budget-friendly solutions, providing the barebone system with the R9-7940H processor at a competitive price of no more than $520. For users seeking additional storage, the 16GB + 1TB version is priced at $420, offering a cost-effective balance between performance and storage capacity.

Compact and Eco-Friendly Design

The mini PC maintains its compact form factor with a volume of 0.7 liters, making it ideal for users with limited space. The body is crafted from environmentally friendly materials, and the top cover is easily replaceable, allowing users to customize the appearance of their mini PC. The 65W performance release of the processor is efficiently managed by the upper and lower dual fan design, ensuring optimal heat dissipation for both the processor and hard disk memory.

Versatile Installation Options and Scalability

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Creator Mini II Small PC supports wall-mounted installation, providing flexibility in placement. In terms of scalability, users can enhance the mini PC's capabilities by installing dual notebook DDR5 memory and a 2280 PCIe 4.0 SSD. The diverse array of interfaces, including dual 2.5G network ports, HDMI 2.0, DP 1.4, and USB4, ensures compatibility with a wide range of peripherals and devices.


Machenike's latest iteration of the Creator Mini II Small PC reaffirms the company's commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology at an affordable price. With the integration of the AMD R9-7940H processor and a host of impressive features, this mini PC is poised to captivate users seeking a compact and powerful computing solution. Whether for work, entertainment, or creative endeavors, the Creator Mini II Small PC stands out as a versatile and cost-effective choice in the world of compact computing.

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