MINISFORUM Launches Neptune HN2673 Mini PC with Intel Core i7-12650H and Arc A730M GPU


MINISFORUM has recently introduced the Neptune HN2673 mini PC, which bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor, the NAD9, in terms of appearance. However, significant changes have been made under the hood. Unlike its previous iteration, the Neptune HN2673 is equipped with an Intel Core i7-12650H processor and Intel Arc A730M discrete graphics, deviating from the Core i9-12900H chip with Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics. Consequently, users can anticipate a potential decrease in CPU performance but an improvement in graphics capabilities. The Minisforum Neptune HN2673 mini PC is now open for pre-orders, commencing at $649 for customers in the United States (with shipping scheduled for late July) and €759 for customers in the European Union (with shipping set for late June).

The MINISFORUM Neptune HN2673 mini PC stands out with its powerful hardware configuration. It features an Intel Core i7-12650H processor, providing solid performance for various tasks. While it may not match the Core i9-12900H chip found in the NAD9 model in terms of CPU power, the Neptune HN2673 compensates with its impressive graphics capabilities. This is achieved through the inclusion of an Intel Arc A730M discrete graphics card, which comes with 6GB of GDDR6 memory.

The Intel Arc A730M graphics card is a noteworthy addition to the Neptune HN2673 mini PC. With performance falling between that of the RTX 3050 Ti and the RTX 3060, it is more than capable of handling most 1080P games. This makes it a suitable choice for gamers looking for a compact and powerful system to enjoy their favorite titles. The dedicated graphics card ensures smooth gameplay and enhances the overall visual experience.


While the CPU performance may not be on par with the NAD9 model, the Neptune HN2673 mini PC excels in providing an excellent graphics solution. This makes it a compelling option for users who prioritize gaming and graphics-intensive applications. Whether you're a casual gamer or a content creator, the MINISFORUM Neptune HN2673 mini PC offers a compact form factor without compromising on graphical prowess.

The HN2673 mini PC incorporates a state-of-the-art cooling solution designed to effectively dissipate the heat generated by its powerful 95 W dedicated graphics processing unit (dGPU). This innovative cooling system utilizes four quiet fans, capable of maintaining a maximum noise level of 34 dB even under full load. With this efficient cooling mechanism in place, users can enjoy optimal performance without the distractions of excessive fan noise.

At the heart of the HN2673 lies the i7-12650H processor, a high-performance CPU designed to handle demanding tasks with ease. This processor features a combination of six performance cores and four efficiency cores, allowing for a balanced performance and power efficiency. With a thermal design power (TDP) of 45 W, the i7-12650H strikes a good balance between performance and energy consumption.

Furthermore, the i7-12650H processor boasts a generous 24 MB of L3 cache, which enhances data access speeds and improves overall system responsiveness. With boost clocks of up to 4.7 GHz, this processor can dynamically increase its clock speed to deliver extra performance when needed, ensuring smooth multitasking and seamless execution of resource-intensive applications.

The integration of the i7-12650H processor and the innovative cooling solution in the HN2673 mini PC creates a powerful and efficient computing platform. Whether it's gaming, content creation, or demanding workloads, this mini PC is capable of delivering impressive performance while maintaining low noise levels, making it an ideal choice for users who value both power and tranquility.

The HN2673 offers users an impressive range of upgrade options and connectivity features. With the ability to add up to 64 GB of DDR4-3200 RAM, storage options of up to 2 TB of NVMe SSD and support for 2x 2.5-inch SATA 3 drives, this system ensures ample space and speed for all your needs. On the connectivity front, you'll find 3x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 ports (2x with DP mode), 2x USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 ports, 1x USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 port, 2x HDMI 2.0b video outputs, mic and headphone jacks, and a 2.5 GbE jack. Additionally, wireless connectivity is provided through a Wi-Fi 6E + BT 5.3 card.

For those interested in purchasing the HN2673, US pre-orders begin at $649 for the 16 GB RAM + 512 GB SSD configuration, while EU pre-orders start at €759. However, it's important to note that the EU pre-orders are expected to ship in late June, whereas US pre-orders will have to wait until late July to receive their units.

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