Minisforum Launches UM790 XTX Mini PC with AMD Ryzen 9 Processor and Oculink Graphics Docking Interface


 Minisforum made waves today with the announcement of their latest innovation hitting the shelves – the UM790 XTX Mini PC. Boasting impressive specs including an AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS processor and an Oculink graphics card docking interface, this barebone powerhouse is set to redefine the landscape of compact computing. Priced at 3,099 yuan, the UM790 XTX aims to deliver exceptional performance in a small form factor.

This unveiling follows hot on the heels of Minisforum's previous release, the UM780/790 XTX Mini PC lineup which debuted last August. The UM780 XTX, featuring the R7-7840HS processor, was launched in November, setting a precedent for performance and innovation in the realm of mini PCs.

The UM790 XTX showcases a fresh design ethos, characterized by a magnetic top cover and a customizable backlight etched sheet complete with dazzling RGB lighting effects. This aesthetic overhaul is complemented by a robust set of internals, promising seamless operation and enhanced user experience.

Under the hood, the UM790 XTX Mini PC houses an AMD 7040 series processor, codenamed Phoenix, with the option to upgrade to the formidable R9-7940HS variant, boasting a power output of 70W for unparalleled performance. Memory-wise, it supports dual-channel DDR5-5600, alongside accommodation for two M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 solid-state drives, ensuring blazing-fast data transfer rates. Active cooling solutions are integrated for both memory and SSD components, ensuring optimal operating temperatures even under heavy workloads.

On the connectivity front, the UM790 XTX doesn't disappoint. Featuring front and rear USB4 ports, rear HDMI and DisplayPort outputs, as well as dual 2.5G network ports, this mini PC is a hub of connectivity options suitable for a variety of setups. Additionally, it boasts an Oculink interface tailored for graphics card docking, enabling users to harness the power of external GPUs seamlessly. Impressively, the official 3DMark Time Spy score for the external RTX 3080 graphics card test reached an impressive 16047, underscoring its prowess in handling demanding graphical tasks.

The UM790 XTX Mini PC is now available for purchase, with the barebone version priced at 3,299 yuan (~$455.42), offering exceptional value for users seeking uncompromising performance in a compact package. With its potent combination of cutting-edge hardware and innovative design, the UM790 XTX is poised to capture the imagination of tech enthusiasts and professionals alike, reaffirming Minisforum's commitment to pushing the boundaries of mini PC technology.

With its cutting-edge features, compact design, and competitive pricing, Minisforum's UM790 XTX Mini PC is poised to make waves in the market, catering to the needs of both casual users and professionals seeking uncompromising performance in a compact package.

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