MinisForum TH50 a new mini PC with Intel i5-11320H CPU and Iris Xe iGPU


The Minisforum brand has been one of the most interesting manufacturers of mini-PCs in recent months.MINISFORUM launches another mini PC TH50 with Intel Processor. A Mini PC that fits in our hand and comes with Windows 10 Pro . It is also compatible with Windows 11. It incorporates the powerful i5-11320H CPU and Iris Xe Graphics. MinisForum's previous Intel-CPU mini PC was the TL50 , which came with an Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor and was released in May of this year. The new model, called TH50, is more powerful than the TL50, comes with Windows 10 Pro, and is compatible with Windows 11.

The new mini-PC from Minisforum with the designation TH50 is only the second hardware of this manufacturer based on an Intel processor. In this case, however, a really solid unit was chosen - we are talking about the Core i3-11320H, the 11th generation system from the Tiger Lake-H family, equipped with four cores and offering a maximum clock speed of as much as 4.5 GHz. The Intel Core i5-11320H processor with Intel Torch Xe allows you to have fun with less demanding games. Of course, also with games with higher demands, but even with reduced settings. This processor works well in content editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premiere

The MinisForum TH50 also features Thunderbolt 4, the latest version of the high-speed I / O interface standard, which offers a range of features available on USB-C. From the existing Thunderbolt 3 standard, this standard increases the speed for PCI Express from 16 Gbps to 32 Gbps (4 GB / sec). In combination with HDMI and Display ports, the TH50 supports a 4K dual-screen video display and an 8K 1-screen display, allowing you to use 3 screens at the same time. Each configuration of this equipment has 16 GB of DDR4 RAM - SSD is only an option in the basic variant, while slightly more expensive variants offer a 256 or 512 GB medium.

Importantly, we are dealing with a really small device - its weight is only 820 grams, and its dimensions are 149.6 x 149.6 x 55.5 mm. In this small computer, however, we find a very solid selection of ports. These include Thunderbolt 4, HDMI, DisplayPort, 4x USB 3.2 Type A and 2x USB 2.0, as well as two LAN connectors and jacks for a microphone and headphones.

EliteMini TH50 reaches approximately 34 degrees at normal load, at full 70. TH50 has a built-in heatsink with a mesh structure on the top panels and sides, which makes the air more permeable and thus improves heat dissipation from the PC. Thanks to the use of a silent fan, the mini-pc operates at 45.2 dB during normal operation and 48.5 at full load.

Prices of mini-pc devices MinisForum TH50 (Intel):

16GB RAM without SSD - $529

16GB RAM with 256GB SSD - $569

16GB RAM with 512GB SSD - $599

More information about the Intel version of the MinisForum TH50 can be found at this link.




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