OneXPlayer 2 Pro EVA Limited Edition Handheld Unleashing Power with R7 7840U and Immersive 8.4-inch Display - On Sale Today!


One-Netbook's highly anticipated release, the OneXPlayer 2 Pro EVA Limited Edition, a remarkable three-in-one handheld device, is set to hit the market in just a short while. The official sale of this impressive gadget will commence precisely at 0:00 on July 1. With its outstanding features and capabilities, this limited edition device is expected to garner significant attention from tech enthusiasts and gamers alike. Priced at $1299, the R7 7840U + 32G + 1T variant offers a powerful performance package, making it a compelling option for those seeking a premium handheld gaming experience. Now OnexPlayer 2 Pro EVA handheld game console is available at !!! 

The OneXPlayer 2 Pro EVA Limited Edition boasts cutting-edge hardware, including the latest generation AMD Ryzen 7 7840U processor, which utilizes the powerful Zen 4 architecture. With 8 cores and 16 threads, this processor delivers exceptional performance, capable of reaching a maximum acceleration frequency of 5.1GHz. Complementing the processor is a Radeon 780M core display, employing the advanced RDNA3 architecture and offering a frequency that can reach an impressive 2.7 GHz. This handheld gaming device is equipped with LPDDR5X high-frequency memory, providing users with the option to upgrade to a maximum of 64GB. In terms of storage, the OneXPlayer 2 Pro EVA Limited Edition features a PCIe4.0x4 NVMe model SSD, with the option to go as high as 4TB.

The OneXPlayer 2 Pro EVA Limited Edition boasts an impressive 8.4-inch screen that elevates the visual experience to new heights. With its 2.5K ultra-high-definition resolution, every detail comes to life, delivering crystal-clear images and vibrant colors. The screen's 118% sRGB high color gamut volume ensures accurate and rich color reproduction, immersing users in a visually stunning world. Moreover, the device supports ten-point touch, allowing for seamless navigation and intuitive interaction.


Additionally, the inclusion of 4096-level pressure-sensitive original handwriting technology enhances the device's versatility, enabling precise and natural input for creative tasks. The OneXPlayer 2 Pro EVA Limited Edition truly excels in providing an exceptional screen experience.

The OneXPlayer 2 Pro EVA limited edition maintains the detachable handle design introduced in the OneXPlayer 2. With its ergonomically designed curve radian, the handle provides a comfortable grip that ensures players won't experience fatigue even during extended gaming sessions. The button layout takes inspiration from the classic Xbox configuration, offering a familiar and intuitive control scheme. The ALPS gaming-grade joystick stands at a height of 7.5mm and features a tilt angle of 18 degrees. Leveraging the proprietary algorithm developed by the OneXPlayer team, the joystick eliminates any inner dead zones and supports calibration functionalities for enhanced precision.

The OneXPlayer 2 Pro EVA Limited Edition excels in several areas, starting with its impressive audio capabilities. It features built-in dual stereo speakers that are provided by Harman, a renowned audio brand. These speakers are also certified by Harman, ensuring exceptional sound quality. Powering the device is a substantial 65.5Wh large-capacity fast-charge battery, which can be conveniently replenished using the included 100W gallium nitride charger. On the top of the machine, users will find a USB-C 4.0 interface, a Micro SD 4.0 expansion port, a USB-A 3.0 interface, and a 3.5mm audio interface, offering versatile connectivity options. The bottom of the device is equipped with a pogo Pin interface, allowing seamless connection to the magnetic keyboard, and a USB-C 3.1 interface for additional connectivity needs.

With these features, the OneXPlayer 2 Pro EVA Limited Edition offers an immersive audio experience, long-lasting battery life, and convenient connectivity options for a superior gaming and multimedia experience.

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