Playtron Introduces Playtron OS A New Challenger in Handheld Gaming


Playtron, spearheaded by Kirt McMaster, the former CEO of Cyanogen, has emerged as a formidable player in the handheld gaming industry with the recent launch of its dedicated operating system, Playtron OS, based on Linux. This development comes alongside the announcement that AYANEO products pre-installed with Playtron OS will hit the market before the year's end.


Backed by a substantial $10 million investment and a workforce of approximately 18 employees, Playtron has set its sights on challenging giants like Microsoft, Valve, and Apple for the attention of the next 100 million "core casual" gamers.

Similar to Valve's Steam Deck, Playtron OS is a Linux-based platform designed to facilitate gaming, including compatibility with Windows games. Notably, it stands apart by not being tethered to any specific gaming platform, ensuring that titles purchased from the Epic Game Store are seamlessly integrated.

Despite being in its alpha stage, Playtron OS already supports popular games like "Death Stranding," "Diver Dave," and "Joker Card." However, its compatibility with various titles still trails behind SteamOS.

Founder Kirt McMaster expressed confidence in Playtron's potential to rival Windows gaming within the coming year, stating, "We are in talks with several OEMs and mobile operators to roll out Playtron devices globally by 2025."

Additionally, Playtron disclosed plans for AYANEO to unveil native Playtron handheld devices by year-end. The versatility of Playtron OS extends to its support for both X86 and ARM platforms, with releases slated for devices such as Steam Deck, ROG handheld console, and Savior handheld console later in the year.

Addressing the evolving landscape of gaming technology, McMaster acknowledged the forthcoming Snapdragon X Elite platform, noting that while ARM platforms may take time to match X86 in gaming performance, he remains optimistic about their future prospects.

However, Playtron is yet to finalize its stance on open-source principles or its alignment with Linux enthusiasts. McMaster emphasized a user-friendly approach akin to the Nintendo Switch, foregoing a Linux desktop mode. Furthermore, in collaboration with Perplexity, Playtron is developing an AI agent aimed at assisting "core casual" players in overcoming gameplay challenges, thereby reducing premature game abandonment.

As Playtron gears up to carve its niche in the competitive handheld gaming sector, the industry awaits eagerly to see how this newcomer will disrupt the status quo and usher in a new era of gaming innovation.

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