Retroid Pocket 3+ Plus Portable Handheld Console Launched


One of the most anticipated releases of the year has arrived, the new Retroid Pocket 3+ Plus portable console . With a refreshed look with a larger screen, this new Retroid console is set to be the queen of 2023 handheld retro consoles . It stands out for a more powerful processor that moves more demanding platforms like PS2. For several reasons, this new Retroid Pocket 3+ Plus console will be among the best sellers, the first of which is its great value for money , the second is that we are dealing with a console with a high-quality 4.7-inch touch screen and the third is that we have all the advantages of Android 11.

4.7 inch HD Touch-Screen

This new Retroid Pocket 3+ Plus differs from the second edition plus in the size of the screen among other specifications. In this new version we have a 4.7-inch IPS touch screen with a resolution of 750×1334 pixels at 60fps . As retro portable consoles are more powerful and are capable of emulating slightly more demanding platforms, the aspect ratio of the screens is focused on 16:9 as in this new Retroid  game console.

More Powerful Processor with 4GB of RAM

This new Retroid Pocket 3+ stands out for its improved processor compared to its predecessor, the RP3. We find a Unisoc eight-core Tiger T618 processor . We have the cores distributed as follows: 2xA75@2.0GHz + 6xA55@2.0GHz. Of course, the processor is accompanied by a renewed GPU such as the Mali G52 MC2@850MHz to provide us with a better graphic experience .

Another of the sections where we improve is in RAM memory since we increased said memory up to 4 gigabytes LPDDR4X, a considerable difference compared to the Retroid Pocket 3 that will undoubtedly allow better performance in Android 11. As for storage, we continue to have 128GB of memory . With this renewed version we can enjoy emulators such as PSP, PS1 PS2, GameCube, Dreamcast, N64, MAME, Sega Genesis, SNES... and many more.

Possibility to Play Online

This Retroid Pocket 3+ includes an important novelty: can you imagine being able to play classics like Contra or Pang with another friend? Well this time you can do it! It includes a function to be able to play online with another friend by creating a hotspot.

You can also listen to the sound of your favorite games with headphones both wired and via bluetooth. Another thing that drives us crazy is being able to play with our console on our television at home... well, you can also do this easily through the HDMI 720p output that this Retroid Pocket 3+ incorporates.

Play Your Favorite Titles

We gamers love to reminisce about old times sticking to the slot machine on duty and mashing the buttons as if our lives depended on it. Games with which we spent the pay of the weekend throwing 25 pts in 25 pts in the fashion game of the day. Pang, Street Fighter, Sunset Riders, Bubble Bobble, Out Run, Metal Slug, Ghosts 'n Goblins ... are just some of the "slots" that left us penniless to go out on the "weekend". Now comes the Retroid Pocket 3+, a portable super console that will teleport us to another era. We can also enjoy more current PS2 titles or access games from the play store on Android.

Boot with Android 11

Thanks to the Android 11 operating system we can connect to Wi-Fi and download applications from Google Play. With the Retroid Pocket 3+ we will be able to have access to our social networks, GMAIL, Calendar, YouTube, twitch and an endless number of functions similar to those of a smartphone. This new version has Android 11 to access all Google services.

Battery at the Highest Level

As far as the battery is concerned, 4,500 mAh so as not to stay in the middle of the game and fully charge it in just 2 and a half hours through its USB-C port. Supports cards up to 128 GB.

If you are thinking of buying a portable retro console with excellent value for money , this Retroid Pocket 3+ Plus is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market.


  • Emulators: Play Station 1, Play Station 2, PSP, Game Cube N64, NeoGeo, MAME, Sega Genesis, SNES...
  • Android 11 boot system
  • Unisoc quad-core Tiger T618 processor
  • Cores distributed in 2xA75@2.0GHz + 6xA55@2.0GHz
  • GPU Mali G52 MC2@850MHz
  • 4G/5G WiFi + BT 5.0
  • Full cross-head layout controls
  • 7-inch IPS touch screen – 750 × 1334 resolution
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • 128GB of eMCP storage
  • Micro USB OTG connection, micro-HDMI port, 2 stereo speakers and 3.5mm audio jack port
  • Support 720p HDMI
  • integrated vibration motor
  • 6 languages
  • 4500mah Battery
  • Built-in official OTA support for update


Box contents

  • Retroid pocket 3+ Plus Handheld Console
  • Screen Protector
  • English instruction manual
  • Type-C Charging Cable
  • No Preload-ed Games

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