The Onexplayer announced X1 gaming tablet: Equipped with a Core Ultra processor


News from IT Home : Onexplayer today announced that the new three-in-one PC X1 is about to be released, equipped with Intel's just-released Core Ultra processor.

According to reports, this three-in-one PC is equipped with dual-channel LPDDR5X-7500 high frequency memory, 32GB and 64GB can be chosen. In addition, it comes with a 10.95 inch 2.5K 120Hz screen and Harman certified dual speakers.

According to IT Home earlier reported that Intel Core Ultra mobile processors are now released, and the first models include the U and H series, with a base power consumption of 15W and 28W, respectively. The U Series has a 2+8+2 core with up to 4Xe core display. H Series up to 6+8+2 core , up to 8Xe core display. In the first quarter of next year, Intel will also release a 45W base power consumption of the Ultra 9 flagship model, 6+8+2 core specifications, 8Xe core display.


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