8Bitdo Releases Retro87 C64 Mechanical Keyboard - A Nostalgic Tribute to Classic Design


Today, enthusiasts celebrate the debut of 8Bitdo's newest gem in its mechanical keyboard collection, the Retro87 C64. Priced at $74.42, this keyboard pays tribute to the legendary Commodore 64 keyboard of 1982, embodying nostalgia and innovation in equal measure. Representing 8Bitdo's second venture into the mechanical keyboard realm, the Retro87 C64 promises a blend of classic aesthetics and contemporary functionality, captivating both retro aficionados and modern users alike.

The Retro87 C64 exudes a captivating retro charm, showcasing a design reminiscent of its iconic predecessor. Its rich brown color scheme pays homage to the beloved classic, setting a nostalgic tone that instantly transports users back to the golden era of computing. The conspicuous big red Power light adds a touch of vintage flair, reminiscent of the iconic indicators found on traditional gaming consoles. With the inclusion of a retro joystick and a meticulously crafted color palette, the Retro87 C64 becomes more than just a computer – it becomes a cherished relic of gaming history, inviting enthusiasts to relive the magic of bygone days.

The Retro87 C64 boasts an 87-key layout coupled with a robust top structure aluminum positioning plate, ensuring unparalleled durability and reliability. Crafted through an ABS two-color injection molding process, the keycaps offer not just durability but also a satisfying tactile typing experience. Elevating the typing experience further, the keycap height utilizes SA ball caps, delivering a classic retro spherical touch reminiscent of vintage keyboards.

Underneath its vintage exterior, the Retro87 C64 is equipped with modern features. It utilizes Kaihua BoxV2 white axis switches, supporting hot plugging and full-key anti-ghosting. The keyboard includes a pair of large independent buttons and a game joystick, allowing users to map keys and combination keys as desired. Additionally, it supports the expansion of 4 pairs of super keys.

The Retro87 C64 introduces a distinctive feature with the incorporation of navigation keys and an industrial-style mechanical knob. This unique addition, housed within its independent control console, offers users seamless control over various functions. From adjusting volume levels to switching between key profiles and effortless pairing, the retro knob enhances user experience with its intuitive design and functionality.

Offering versatility, the keyboard supports 2.4 GHz wireless and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, alongside a detachable USB-C to USB-A power cable. It seamlessly switches between connections and is compatible with Windows 10 and Android 9.0 and higher. The receiver features a dedicated magnetic storage compartment, ensuring convenience for users.

With a battery life that supports "one charge per month," the Retro87 C64 is designed for prolonged usage without the need for frequent charging.

The 8Bitdo Retro87 C64 mechanical keyboard is now available for purchase, priced at $74.42. The initial launch event will continue until June 20, offering enthusiasts an opportunity to acquire this nostalgic piece of hardware.

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