World’s First Optical Controller Unveiled Machenike G5Pro V2 Controller Hits Shelves June 14


Machenike, a leading innovator in gaming peripherals, has officially announced the release of the much-anticipated Machenike G5Pro V2 controller. Hailed as the "world's first optical controller," this cutting-edge gaming accessory is set to revolutionize the gaming experience with its unparalleled precision and performance. Scheduled to hit the market on June 14, the Machenike G5Pro V2 controller is poised to redefine gaming standards.

The Machenike G5Pro V2 controller will be available in two variants: the Standard Edition priced at 249 yuan ($35.03) and the Collector's Edition, which includes additional perks such as a joystick cap, charging base, and signature, priced at $42.06.

At the heart of its innovation, the Machenike G5Pro V2 controller features dual optical triggers, boasting a remarkable 256-level linear photosensitivity and a trigger travel of 22 degrees. This groundbreaking technology ensures that the controller remains unaffected by environmental magnetic fields or Hall rockers, guaranteeing stable and precise trigger key outputs.

Furthermore, the Machenike G5Pro V2 controller is equipped with a two-stage trigger lock, along with a robust "10 million times life optical micro-switch" requiring a trigger force of 65 grams. The controller is also outfitted with a JH20 hot-swappable Hall rocker boasting a report rate of 1KHz and providing an impressive 4000-level resolution. Additionally, gamers will appreciate the inclusion of four macro keys, which support customizable key mappings and one-button continuous firing.

"The Machenike G5Pro V2 controller represents a significant leap forward in gaming technology," remarked a spokesperson for Machenike. "With its groundbreaking optical triggers and advanced features, we are confident that this controller will elevate gaming experiences to unprecedented heights."

The announcement of the Machenike G5Pro V2 controller has sparked widespread excitement among gaming enthusiasts, who eagerly await its official release on June 14. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, innovations like the Machenike G5Pro V2 controller signal a promising future for immersive and high-performance gaming experiences.

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