Compal’s Innovative Tablet Rover Play comes with Integrated Game Controller


In a bid to revolutionize the gaming experience on mobile devices, Taiwanese tech giant Compal has unveiled its latest innovation, the Rover Play tablet. Breaking away from the conventional design of mobile phones and tablets, the Rover Play comes equipped with a distinctive feature - a dedicated game controller seamlessly integrated into the back of the tablet.

The announcement, made via the official website of the prestigious iF Design Award, has stirred excitement among tech enthusiasts and gamers worldwide. The new tablet promises to offer a unique gaming experience with its innovative design and functionality.

Dubbed "FlexiRear," the integrated game controller is ingeniously concealed on the rear side of the tablet. When not in use, the controller remains flush with the tablet's surface, maintaining a sleek and ergonomic profile. However, with a simple sliding or folding mechanism, users can activate the controller, revealing a set of ergonomic buttons and triggers.

According to company officials, the FlexiRear controller boasts an ergonomic design, ensuring comfortable grip and precise control during gaming sessions. Moreover, it incorporates advanced features such as built-in ultrasonic sensors and a touch control area, allowing users to input commands effortlessly.

Remarkably, the versatility of the controller extends beyond gaming. Users can also utilize it as a tablet stand, enhancing the device's usability in various scenarios. Additionally, with the Rover Play being a 2-in-1 tablet, users have the option to connect it to a keyboard, transforming it into a traditional laptop for productivity tasks.

Despite being in the conceptual stage, the Rover Play has already captured attention for its innovative approach to mobile gaming. While detailed specifications regarding its software and hardware remain undisclosed, industry experts anticipate a powerful performance that caters to the demands of modern gamers.

Compal, renowned for its excellence in computer and smart device manufacturing, stands at the forefront of technological innovation. Alongside its ventures in smartphone OEMs, smartwatches, and head-mounted AR/MR devices, the company's smart device business group encompasses a diverse range of products, including Bluetooth speakers and 5G communication devices.

In the realm of electronic OEMs, Compal has secured its position among the top players, earning recognition alongside industry giants such as Quanta, Wistron, Pegatron, and Inventec. With the introduction of the Rover Play tablet, Compal reaffirms its commitment to pushing boundaries and shaping the future of mobile computing and gaming. As anticipation mounts, tech enthusiasts eagerly await further updates on this groundbreaking device.

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