How to downgrade from windows 11 to windows 10 on Mini PC ?

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Gadgets change quickly, and so do the operating systems they run on. Electronic device makers have often taken the initiative to upgrade their devices directly to the latest systems, such as Windows 11, in order to sell them better. To be honest, I prefer windows10. This tutorial let you know how to downgrade a mini PC with the latest windows11 operating system to windows10.

This guide contains specific tutorials and Windows 10 download links

Note:Please download and copy the installation package to the USB flash drive on the same computer. Otherwise, an error may be reported during the installation

 Here is the step-by -step guideline:

1.Prepare a U disk(USB driver) with a storage capacity of at least 16 GB

2. Right click and select format... Format U disk to NTFS format,and change the Volume label toWINPE ,click start to finish formatting(Under the computer start options>click the right mousebutton,>select Disk Management>select your USB flash drive).

3.Copy your system files to U disk, and it must be in the root directory of U disk.

4.Insert the U disk, boot your mini pc and immediately press F7 repeatedly to enter the boot device menu interface.

5. Select UEFI and press Enter to enter.

6.Enter the loading system interface, just wait for automatic loading.

7.Enter the following loading interface, wait for the installation (During the automatic installationprocess, do not power off and other operations),until 100% is completed, it will automatically restart into the system (also remove the U disk)

8.Wait for the machine to automatically turn on and complete the installation.

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    Windows 10 Pro bietet eine umfassende und leistungsstarke Plattform für professionelle Anwender. Mit seinen fortschrittlichen Funktionen, wie der BitLocker-Verschlüsselung, dem erweiterten Remotedesktop und dem Windows Update for Business, ermöglicht es ein effizientes und sicheres Arbeiten. Die benutzerfreundliche Oberfläche und die nahtlose Integration von Anwendungen machen Windows 10 Pro zu einer erstklassigen Wahl für Unternehmen und individuelle Nutzer, die Wert auf Produktivität und Sicherheit legen.

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