8Bitdo Ultimate Wireless Controller Launched in Starry Night Purple with Enhanced Features


8Bitdo, a leading gaming peripherals manufacturer, has officially launched its latest offering, the Ultimate Wireless Controller, now available in the eye-catching "Starry Night Purple" color. Priced at 279 yuan for the daily rate and an initial promotional price of 229 yuan ($32.13), the controller boasts a host of upgraded features, including a revamped Hall rocker and compatibility with Apple systems.

Designed for optimal gaming experience, the Ultimate Wireless Controller features an asymmetric rocker layout, presenting a full-key, full-size appearance design. The ergonomic handle is crafted using pebble 3D modeling, with an anti-slip shape inspired by ocean waves and zoned gradient sun patterns, providing enhanced friction to prevent slippage during intense gaming sessions.

The button design of the controller adheres to the standard game controller layout, incorporating classic 3D eight-way cross-shaped direction keys with concave logos. The double-layer three-dimensional design and independently elevated motherboard ensure precise and comfortable button presses. The controller is equipped with two sets of grip motors and two sets of trigger buttons, including the addition of "small trigger" back buttons and P1, P2 buttons on the back, supporting elite software button mapping for personalized configurations.

As a wireless controller, the 8Bitdo Ultimate Wireless PC version comes bundled with a multi-functional charging base featuring fully automatic start and stop functions for convenience. Connecting the base to a computer via a USB cable also extends the receiver signal, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

The Ultimate Wireless Controller is compatible with a wide range of systems, including iOS, macOS, Steam Deck, Android, Windows 10, and more. It supports up to three sets of elite configuration files and collaborates with the "Babitang Elite Software" for advanced customization. Users can save configurations to corresponding files and switch between different game key schemes in real-time, adapting to various gaming scenarios.

To add a touch of style to the gaming setup, the "Starry Night Purple" color variant of the 8Bitdo Ultimate Wireless Controller is now available for purchase at a daily price of 279 yuan, with an attractive initial price of 229 yuan ($32.13). Gaming enthusiasts can grab this innovative controller to elevate their gaming experience and enjoy a blend of style and functionality.

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