AYANEO FLIP KB & DS Has Been Released


AYANEO announced the AYANEO FLIP handheld tonight, bringing AYANEO's first FLIP full keyboard handheld, AYANEO FLIP KB, and the world's first flip dual-screen Windows handheld, AYANEO Flip DS.

AYANEO FLIP handheld console adopts the standard handheld layout with gamepad buttons prioritized, while the joystick, cross key and ABXY key are the traditional up and down layout. The optical finger mouse module is introduced for the first time, and the mouse movement and click operation without dead corners can be realized by sliding gently. The AYANEO FLIP series, with its damped axle flap design, not only supports full-angle flipping and 180° full expansion, but also offers preset locking angles of 120° and 150°.

It is worth mentioning that AYANEO FLIP KB is another AYANEO RGB full keyboard handheld after SLIDE. It has a separate F key area, which can easily use the F number key and preset various functions, such as volume adjustment, brightness adjustment, screenshot, multimedia playback control, etc. Screen mode switching, full screen switching, calculator, etc.

In terms of screen, the AYANEO FLIP series is the first AYANEO handheld to feature a high brush screen, with a 7-inch 1080P 120Hz high brush screen.

AYANEO FLIP DS is the world's first flip-top dual-screen Windows handheld with a 3.5" 960*640 3:2 touch secondary screen that brings a variety of quick functions and software fun gameplay to play classic dual-screen retro games.

In terms of configuration, all AYANEO FLIP series are equipped with AMD R7 7840U processor, and all are equipped with a new customized cooling system for the clamshell structure body, to achieve up to 28W full blood energy release. In addition, the official follow-up also provides models equipped with AMD R7 8840U processor.

In terms of interface, AYANEO FLIP is equipped with OCuLink interface for the first time, PCIe 4x4 direct connection, effective bandwidth up to 63Gbps.

In addition, the console is equipped with a Master universal controller with a Hall joystick and a linear Hall trigger; The FLIP DS is the first of its kind in the Windows console world with a 3.5-inch multi-function touch secondary screen, which enables the most commonly used Settings, quick-set Windows, and FPS Thunder game overlay tools.

In other news, the AYANEO FLIP KB & DS is equipped with a 45Wh battery, supports AYANEO HyperSound panoramic stereo, and features an X-axis motor + six-axis gyroscope.

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