AYANEO Launches Innovative Handheld Devices: AYANEO FLIP KB and AYANEO FLIP DS


AYANEO unveiled two cutting-edge handheld devices, the AYANEO FLIP KB and AYANEO FLIP DS. This launch marks AYANEO's venture into the realm of flip full keyboard handhelds and the world's first flip dual-screen Windows handhelds.

The AYANEO FLIP KB boasts a clamshell design with a handle button priority layout, integrating traditional elements like joystick, cross keys, and ABXY keys. The device introduces an innovative optical finger mouse module, enabling seamless mouse movement and click operations by gently sliding without blind spots. The damped hinge flip design supports full-angle flipping and 180° full expansion, with preset locking angles at 120° and 150°.

Notably, the AYANEO FLIP KB features an RGB full keyboard, reminiscent of its predecessor, SLIDE. With an independent F key area, users can easily access F-number keys and preset functions such as volume adjustment, brightness control, screenshots, multimedia playback, screen projection mode switching, full-screen toggling, and calculator functions.

The AYANEO FLIP series pioneers a high-refresh screen with a 7-inch 1080P 120Hz display, enhancing the user experience. On the other hand, the AYANEO FLIP DS introduces the world's first clamshell dual-screen Windows handheld, featuring a 3.5" 960*640 3:2 touch secondary screen for versatile shortcut functions and engaging experiences, especially in classic dual-screen retro games.

Under the hood, all AYANEO FLIP devices are powered by AMD R7 7840U processors, offering a full performance release of up to 28W. The clamshell structure is equipped with a customized heat dissipation system. Future models will also feature the AMD R7 8840U processor.

The inclusion of the OCuLink interface with PCIe 4x4 direct connection and an effective bandwidth of up to 63Gbps underscores AYANEO FLIP's commitment to high-speed connectivity.

The handheld consoles are equipped with a Master all-round handle, including a Hall rocker and linear Hall trigger. The FLIP DS features a 3.5-inch multi-function touch secondary screen, enabling quick settings, widgets, and the FPS Thunder game overlay tool.

AYANEO FLIP KB & DS house a 45Wh battery, support AYANEO HyperSound panoramic stereo, and employ an X-axis linear motor + six-axis gyroscope for enhanced user interaction.

The pre-order price for the AYANEO FLIP KB starts from $699, while the AYANEO FLIP DS starts from $739. The AMD Ryzen 7 7840U version is set to ship in early March, with the AMD R7 8840U processor version following in April. This release signifies AYANEO's commitment to pushing the boundaries of handheld technology, providing users with innovative and versatile devices that redefine portable computing.

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