AYANEO Launches AYANEO NEXT LITE Handheld Console with Steam OS Integration


AYAENO, a leading player in the gaming industry, has officially launched the AYANEO NEXT LITE handheld console, marking the first-ever integration of the Steam OS game system on such a device.

The AYANEO NEXT LITE maintains the distinctive design elements of its predecessor, the AYANEO NEXT, while revolutionizing the gaming experience by "lowering the entry barrier." This is achieved through a vibrant color scheme, a Hall rocker for enhanced controls, a 7-inch 800P high-brightness screen, a 47Wh capacity battery ensuring prolonged gaming sessions, and an X-axis linear motor for heightened tactile feedback.

The notable inclusion of the Steam OS game system is a significant move, as it is developed by Valve, the renowned gaming company, based on the Linux operating system. Steam OS has already gained popularity as the operating system for the Steam Deck handheld console. Valve has previously expressed its openness to collaboration, stating that Steam OS would be "available for free" if another company sought to create a handheld computer akin to the Steam Deck. Notably, Steam OS, graphics drivers, and Proton, are all open-source, underlining Valve's commitment to fostering a collaborative gaming ecosystem.

AYANEO NEXT LITE is set to hit the shelves on January 12, exclusively available through the AYANEO official store. While the specific details regarding the processor and pricing remain undisclosed, anticipation is building within the gaming community, eager to explore the capabilities of this innovative handheld console.

Gaming enthusiasts and industry analysts alike are eagerly awaiting further information on the technical specifications and pricing details, with the January 12 launch date poised to be a defining moment for AYAENO and the gaming community at large. As the AYANEO NEXT LITE prepares to make its debut, it is expected to carve a niche for itself in the fiercely competitive handheld gaming market, setting new standards for innovation and user experience.

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