AYN LOKI Windows Handheld Game Console will have Intel and AMD CPUs versions starting at $299


In addition to Valve's Steam Deck , we're seeing other Windows handheld consoles with powerful specs , but so far none have been able to match the Steam Deck in price. AYN launched Odin console through funding round, an ARM based console with Android and could work with Windows for ARM. But now AYN announces the Loki console with Windows at a groundbreaking price starting at $299  and with an Intel Alder Lake inside .

The AYN Loki Mini console is announced from $299 , $50 less than the Steam Deck, with an Intel Alder Lake U processor for which no details have been provided . This cheaper model will be delivered with 64 GB of storage memory. Other models with higher capacity and better processor will also be available. The AYN Loki will feature an AMD Ryzen 6600U available in 64GB for $499, 256GB for $599, and 512GB for $699 . A Max model will launch with only 512GB storage, but bumps the CPU up to a Ryzen 6800U for $799 .

And it is that according to the company's own teaser video, the AYN Loki will be " the most affordable Windows handheld ever created " . Thus, although at the moment all the specifications of this have not been confirmed, it seems that we can find numerous similarities with another of the company's models, the AYN Odin, pointing out that it will be built around the same IPS LCD screen panel. 5.98 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Although as other Reddit leaks advance , we still see some slight changes in its design, this time changing the distribution of its “Y, X, A, B” buttons, in the style of the Nintendo Switch; by an order of distribution of buttons "X, Y, B, A", in the style of Xbox controllers . A change that confirms that this handheld will be more focused on compatibility with Windows instead of Android.

That said, while both consoles will feature virtually identical size and aesthetics, this doesn't necessarily mean the company will repeat with its internals. Although we would certainly love to have the presence of an ARM-based processor again .

Of course, it's also possible that AYN has found a way to put a different processor inside the case. In fact, some experts are already outlining what some of these alternatives might be, pointing to AMD's "Mendocino" chips with Zen 2 CPU cores and RDNA 2 graphics.

AYN itself has published a table with the final prices of all versions of this handheld computer, slightly increasing the first figures estimated for the international market, reaching a final base price of  $299.

In an image released by the company, you can see the prices of the models that will be sold:

  • LOKI Mini
  • Processador: Alder Lake U
  • Storage : 64GB
  • Value : $299



  • Processor: AMD 6600U
  • Storage: 64GB/256GB/512GB
  • Valor: US$ 499/US$ 599/US$ 699



  • Processor: AMD 6800U
  • Storage: 512GB
  • Value: $799


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