Beelink Launhced U59 Pro Mini PC with Intel Celeron N5105 Processor and Dual LAN Interfaces


Mini PC Maker Beelink silently launched a new mini pc called U59 Pro, which is also an upgraded version of U59 released in 2021. Beelink U59 Pro equipped with the latest Intel Celeron N5105 processor (More Faster Than N5095) with a TDP of up to 10W, has Dual LAN Interfaces, supports four-screen display output, and is pre-installed with the genuine Windows 11 Professional operating system.

The Beelink U59 Pro adopts a similar design to the U59 Pro previously released by the brand. The body size is 124*113*42mm and the weighs only 330g, which is not much larger than the ordinary set-top box. In addition to placing it on the desktop without taking up space, users can also use the VESA Mount bracket that comes with the product to hang the mini host on the back of the monitor. The shell of the fuselage is made of high-density ABS+PC material, and the interior uses a magnesium-aluminum alloy shock-absorbing frame.


The Intel Celeron N5105 is a quad-core processor, without hyperthreading, clocked from 2 to 2.9 GHz with 4 MB of L3 cache memory and a TDP of 10 watts. On paper nothing extravagant but to have been able to play with a prototype of MiniPC equipped with this chip, it offers a little more than twice the computing capacities of a Celeron N5095. This will probably not allow the Beelink U59 Pro to change the face of the world but will offer more muscle to small entry-level configurations.

This is what this Beelink U59 Pro seems to be aiming for, a somewhat muscular entry-level for all everyday uses. With an Intel UHD graphics circuit hosting 16 Execution Units, the processor will provide the machine with enough to drive complete multimedia uses, surf, work and perform all classic office tasks. It is possible that the machine is even powerful enough to allow you to play old titles a little without worry.

There are two DDR4-3200 memory slots inside the fuselage, which supports up to 64GB of dual-channel memory. 1 M.2 2280 slot, can support up to 2TB PCle/SATA SSD. One 2.5-inch SATA hard disk interface, which can support up to 2TB HDD/SSD, and the internal expansion capability is quite good. However, the current official pre-sale memory/storage combination is 16GB DDR4+512GB NVMe SSD, and no other storage options are provided. The inside of the fuselage uses a silent fan for active heat dissipation, and the shell is also equipped with a lot of cooling holes.

The Beelink U59 Pro is pre-installed with the genuine Windows 11 professional operating system, which has more functions than the ordinary home version. At the same time, this mini host can also support the installation of Linux-based operating systems including Ubuntu, Android x86, UOS and FydeOS, etc. In terms of wireless connection, Beelink U59 Pro supports Wifi5 module and Bluetooth 5.0, four USB 3.0 ports, a non-detailed USB Type-C port, a 3.5mm combo audio jack, dual Gigabit Ethernet and two HDMI 2.0a outputs.

The brand has not yet announced the price, will share the more information with you as soon as it gets the information.

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