FEVM Unveils FN60G A High-Performance Mini PC with Sleek Design and Versatile Configurations


FEVM has recently introduced its latest innovation, the FN60G high-performance Mini PC. Design inspiration from Apple's Mac Studio, the FN60G boasts a stylish design combined with a range of customizable configuration options. The pre-sale for this cutting-edge Mini PC is now open, with a starting price of $380 for the barebone system.


The FN60G Mini PC features a sleek aluminum alloy body, measuring at just 168x168x92mm, and is equipped with over 4,000 heat dissipation holes on both sides, ensuring optimal thermal management. The design not only prioritizes aesthetics but also focuses on efficient heat dispersion, promising a reliable and high-performance computing experience.


The FN60G has versatile core configuration. FEVM asserts that users can freely upgrade the processor, which supports the 12th-14th generation desktop LGA1700 CPU platform. The GPU options are equally impressive, ranging from the standard RX550 4G independent graphics to the optional RX 6600M 8G, ARC A3806G, RTX 4060 8G, and other independent graphics. The storage capabilities are also noteworthy, with configurations allowing up to 64GB of memory and a 2TB solid-state drive. Currently, configurations with the 12th generation Core and 13th generation Core + RX550 4G independent graphics are available for purchase.


Internally, the FN60G employs a 4+4 heat pipe design, supporting a remarkable performance release of up to 100W. The Mini PC facilitates the installation of DDR5 memory and dual 2280 PCle 4.0 SSDs. Despite its powerful specifications, the compact body measures only 2.5L in size and comes with a standard high-power 330W gallium nitride power supply.


The FN60G Mini PC is also well-equipped in terms of connectivity. It includes USB-C, USB-A, and SD card slots on both the front and rear of the chassis. Additionally, the device features dual network ports, dual HDMI, dual DP, and supports 5-screen 4K differential display, providing users with a comprehensive and versatile set of interfaces for various applications.


FEVM's FN60G high-performance Mini PC is set to redefine the expectations for compact computing solutions, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics, performance, and customization. As pre-sales continue, tech enthusiasts and professionals alike are encouraged to explore the diverse configuration options and secure their units of this innovative computing powerhouse.

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