GEEKOM Unveils Cutting-Edge Mini PCs at CES 2024, Introducing IT14 Pro, A8 Max, and APro8 Max Models


In a grand unveiling at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, GEEKOM, the esteemed Green Mini PC Global Leader, has once again asserted its dominance in the industry by showcasing its latest innovations. With a rich history spanning two decades, GEEKOM has consistently delivered high-quality, environmentally friendly Mini PCs, solidifying its reputation as the global leader in the field.

As CES 2024 unfolds, GEEKOM enthusiasts can look forward to exploring the company's diverse lineup of Mini PCs, which includes three groundbreaking models – the IT14 Pro, A8 Max, and APro8 Max.

IT14 Pro: Power in a Compact Package

The IT14 Pro, GEEKOM's latest addition to its Mini PC repertoire, boasts a compact chassis housing the powerful Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processor. With a remarkable 16 cores and 22 threads, including 6 performance cores, 8 efficiency cores, and 2 extra efficiency cores, the IT14 Pro promises a blend of high performance and energy efficiency.

Featuring an integrated Intel Arc graphics card with 8 Xe cores and a neural processing unit, this Mini PC is set to redefine user experiences. While specific details about storage, memory configurations, and port offerings are yet to be revealed, the IT14 Pro is expected to hit the market in early 2024.

A8 Max: Performance Redefined

Slightly larger in size, the A8 Max, enclosed in a one-liter chassis, comes in two versions – one equipped with the AMD Ryzen 7 8840HS processor and the other with the AMD Ryzen 9 8940HS Hawk Point. Both processors, built on the Zen 4 architecture, boast 8 cores and 16 threads, accompanied by the integrated Radeon 780M graphics with 12 processing cores.

The A8 Max also features a neural processing unit with an impressive AI inference performance of 39 TOPS, surpassing competitors in its class. As with the IT14 Pro, GEEKOM has left the specifics of memory, storage, and other configurations to be disclosed at a later date, with an expected release in early 2024.

APro8 Max: A Gaming Console in Mini PC Clothing

The APro8 Max, positioned more as a gaming console than a traditional Mini PC due to its larger size, offers the same processor options as the A8 Max – the AMD Ryzen 7 8840HS and Ryzen 9 8940HS. It takes gaming to the next level with the Radeon RX 7600M graphics card, providing an immersive Full HD gaming experience.

While details on memory and storage options remain undisclosed, GEEKOM suggests a focus on higher storage capacities given its gaming-centric design. Anticipated to be available in the first quarter of 2024, the APro8 Max is poised to capture the attention of gaming enthusiasts.

Price and Availability: Unveiling Soon

Despite the wealth of information about GEEKOM's new Mini PCs, the company has kept the pricing details and specific configurations under wraps. GEEKOM has assured consumers that the eagerly awaited models will be available in the first quarter of 2024, offering cutting-edge computing solutions for a diverse range of needs.

As GEEKOM takes center stage at CES 2024, the tech world eagerly awaits the release of these innovative Mini PCs that promise to set new standards in the industry. Stay tuned for further updates on pricing and availability as GEEKOM continues to redefine the world of computing.

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