ILOVBEE Launches the Innovative B87 Tri-Mode Custom Gaming Keyboard


ILOVBEE introduced its latest creation, the ILOVBEE B87 custom keyboard. This highly anticipated release promises to deliver an exceptional typing experience with its advanced features and high-quality components. The B87 is a testament to ILOVBEE's commitment to innovation and excellence in the realm of custom keyboards.



Cutting-Edge Switches Co-Developed with Kailh

The ILOVBEE B87 features switches jointly customized by Kailh and ILOVBEE, utilizing a POM (polyoxymethylene) axis core known for its lightweight nature and fast triggering capabilities. This collaboration ensures switches that deliver a swift and responsive typing experience, appealing to both casual users and professional e-sports players alike.

Specifications of the Switches

  • Axis Core Material: POM

  • Cover Material:PC (high-transparency)

  • Base Material: POM

  • Trigger Stroke: 2mm +0.4/-0.2mm

  • Total Stroke:6±0.4mm

  • Acrylic Trigger Force: 42±8GF

  • Spring Length: 21mm

  • Switch Variants: Tea Switch, Malan Switch, Gladiolus Switc



The switches are engineered with gold contact technology, ensuring efficient electrical contact and signal transmission. This feature, coupled with their low wear characteristics, supports a quicker trigger response time, which is essential for competitive gaming scenarios.

Versatile Connectivity and Design

The ILOVBEE B87 supports three connection modes: 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth, and wired. This versatility ensures that users can seamlessly switch between devices and connectivity preferences. The keyboard features an 87-key layout, a popular choice among enthusiasts for its compact yet functional design.

Key Features

  • Weight: 2kg

  • Color Options: "Bee Flame" and "Bee Love"

  • Replaceable Metal Knob: Located in the upper right corner

  • Hot Swappable Keys:Allows users to easily change switches without soldering

  • Built-in Battery: 6300mAh for extended usage

  • Full-Color RGB Backlight: Customizable lighting for a personalized aesthetic

  • Independent "F13" Key: Additional functionality

Innovative Structural Design

The B87 keyboard boasts a sophisticated structure with five layers of filling designed to enhance the typing experience. The combination of a leaf spring and gasket structure provides a balanced and cushioned typing feel, while the various layers of filling contribute to sound dampening and stability.


  1. Layers of Filling
  2. Poron Sandwich Cotton
  3. IXPE Shaft Pad
  4. PCB Coating
  5. Poron Shaft Seat Cotton
  6. PET Bottom Pad


This meticulous design ensures that the keyboard not only feels great to type on but also minimizes noise, making it suitable for both office and home environments.

Enhanced Typing Experience

The unique switch design and the high-quality materials used in the B87 keyboard ensure a low-friction pressing experience. The combination of the POM shaft core and high-transparency PC material results in a smooth and satisfying key press. Additionally, the use of a long spring in the switch design supports a quick rebound effect, enhancing the overall responsiveness of the keyboard.




The ILOVBEE B87 custom keyboard sets a new standard in the world of custom mechanical keyboards. Its innovative switch technology, versatile connectivity options, and thoughtful design make it a must-have for both keyboard enthusiasts and professional gamers. Available in the striking "Bee Flame" and "Bee Love" color options, the B87 combines aesthetics with functionality, offering a premium typing experience that is hard to match.


ILOVBEE's latest release is a clear indicator of their dedication to pushing the boundaries of keyboard technology, and the B87 is poised to become a favorite among users seeking a blend of performance and style.

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