MCHOSE Unveils the Zero 75 Magnetic Switch Keyboard: A Game-Changer for Competitive Gamers


MCHOSE has launched its latest product, the Zero 75 magnetic switch keyboard. This state-of-the-art keyboard is designed to exceed the expectations of competitive gamers, offering features that set a new standard in gaming performance and customization.

迈从 Zero 75 磁轴键盘

Premium Build Quality

Durability and aesthetics are key considerations in the design of the Zero 75. The keyboard features a 6063 anodized aluminum top cover and an aluminum alloy positioning plate, ensuring robust construction while maintaining a sleek, modern look. This premium build not only adds to the keyboard's durability but also gives it a refined and professional appearance.


The keyboard also includes a 1.6mm top-mounted RGB PCB board, which provides vibrant and customizable lighting effects. Gamers can personalize their lighting setup to enhance their gaming environment, creating a visually stunning and immersive experience.



PBT Keycaps for Enhanced Durability

MCHOSE has equipped the Zero 75 with PBT keycaps, known for their superior wear resistance and texture. PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) keycaps are more durable than their ABS counterparts, ensuring that the keycaps remain in pristine condition even after prolonged use. This durability is essential for gamers who spend countless hours at their keyboards.

A Leap Forward in Polling Rate Technology

At the core of the Zero 75’s groundbreaking capabilities is its unprecedented 8000Hz polling rate. This represents a significant leap from the conventional 1000Hz found in most gaming keyboards, ensuring that keystrokes are registered almost instantaneously. For gamers, this means every command is executed with minimal delay, providing a critical edge in high-stakes scenarios.


Complementing this high polling rate is the keyboard's 16000Hz single key scan rate and 2000Hz full key scan rate. These specifications ensure that even the quickest key presses are captured with precision and speed, essential for maintaining fluid and responsive gameplay.

Custom Gateron Magnetic Jade Switches

The Zero 75 is equipped with customized Gateron Magnetic Jade Switches, which are designed to deliver a superior gaming experience. These switches boast a 3.4mm stroke and an extraordinary lifespan of 100 million keystrokes. This blend of durability and performance ensures that the keyboard can withstand intense use while providing a satisfying tactile response.


The Magnetic Jade switches are engineered for consistent actuation and responsiveness, addressing the needs of gamers who require reliable performance under all conditions. The switch design helps in minimizing the wear and tear, thus maintaining consistent performance over time.

Ultra-Low Latency for High-Speed Gaming

The Zero 75 boasts a remarkably low latency of just 0.2ms. This ultra-low latency ensures there is virtually no perceivable lag between a key press and the corresponding action on the screen. For competitive gamers, where every millisecond counts, this feature is a game-changer, providing a seamless and instantaneous response that can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Adjustable Key Travel Distance

The Zero 75 offers unparalleled customization with its adjustable key travel distance, ranging from 0.1mm to 3.3mm in precise 0.05mm increments. This level of customization allows gamers to fine-tune their keyboard settings to match their play style. Whether a player prefers a hair-trigger actuation for rapid responses or a deeper press for more deliberate actions, the Zero 75 can be tailored to meet their specific needs.


Dual-Mode Functionality

Understanding the diverse needs of its users, MCHOSE has incorporated a dual-mode system into the Zero 75. A convenient side one-button switch allows users to toggle between game mode and normal mode effortlessly. Game mode optimizes the keyboard’s performance for gaming, providing maximum responsiveness and speed. In contrast, normal mode adjusts the settings for everyday office tasks, making the Zero 75 a versatile tool for different usage scenarios.


The MCHOSE Zero 75 magnetic switch keyboard represents a significant advancement in gaming peripheral technology. With its industry-leading polling rate, ultra-low latency, customizable key travel distance, and durable construction, it is poised to become a favorite among competitive gamers. The inclusion of features like the customized Gateron Magnetic Jade Switches and the dual-mode functionality further enhance its appeal, making it a versatile and high-performing choice for both gaming and everyday use.


As the gaming industry continues to evolve, innovations like the Zero 75 are crucial in pushing the boundaries of what is possible. MCHOSE has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the high demands of the gaming community.


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