Morefine S500+ Compact Mini PC Based on AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Processors


Morefine, the market leader of Mini PC, recently introduced a powerful Mini PC called Morefine S500+. Their Indiegogo campaign ended with a massive success as Morefine garnered user trust and interest with their latest S500+ Mini PC .

The S500+ is a small mini PC that can be easily merged with a typical desktop PC. It does not take up much space because it measures just 149x145x40mm . But don't be fooled by its size, as it offers a wide range of applications. It works well as a mini desktop for home entertainment/HTPC and gaming, as well as for business use, efficient applications, digital signage, etc.

Morefine S500+ comes in multiple variants for flexible selection

Morefine S500+ Mini PC is available on Morefine official website in various specification variants. The S500+ Mini PCs are offered with four AMD Ryzen 5000 series desktop processors. However, you can choose the RAM and storage configuration based on your needs. Sample configurations currently available:

  • Morefine Mini PC S500+ con procesador 5700U, 16 GB de RAM, 512 G NVMe, Intel RZ608 WiFi 6
  • Morefine Mini PC S500+ con procesador 5500U, 16 GB de RAM, 512G NVMe, Intel RZ608 WiFi 6
  • Morefine Mini PC S500+ con Procesador 5300U, 8GB RAM, 256G NVMe, Intel RZ608 WiFi 6/Bluetooth
  • Morefine Mini PC S500+ con Procesador 5900HX, 64GB RAM, 1TB NVMe, Intel RZ608 WiFi 6/Bluetooth


The most powerful version of the S500+ mini PC is powered by AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX (8 cores, 16 threads, up to 4.6 GHz frequency) with Radeon Graphics (Vega 8 2100 MHz). Furthermore, Morefine's powerful S500+ 5900HX is equipped with 64GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB NVMe SSD high-speed storage.

A mighty performance beast

The Morefine S500+ mini PC supports up to 64GB RAM (3200MHz), LPDDR4 up to 4266MHz. It is also worth mentioning that the storage can be expanded with M.2 2280 SATA/NVMe SSD. There's also active cooling with a large, quiet fan.

Additionally, S500 + devices will support WiFi 6 802.11ax (M.2 2230 WIFI) - Intel AX210 module, Bluetooth 5.0 and 2x Gigabit Ethernet. Among the I / O interfaces we have:

  • 2 * USB 3.2
  • 4 * USB 2.0
  • Type C: Data transfer
  • 2 * RJ45 LAN (1 * 2500M-RTL8125BH e 1 * 1000M-RTL 8111H)
  • HDMI 2.0
  • PS 1.4
  • DC-IN
  • 5 mm audio jack

The S500 + Mini PC supports triple display via HDMI 2.0, DP1.4 port and USB Type-C. It also comes with a triple hard drive design: dual M.2 2280 slots provide access to NVMe storage at full speed and there is also a built-in 2.5 ″ HDD bracket for mass storage via SATA . Dual high-speed Gigabit ports, supporting up to 2.5Gbps, meet the needs of even the most demanding applications and users. The Morefine S500 + Mini PC can also be equipped with an external graphics card (connected via M.2 PCIe x4 extension), for example GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. Do you still need more? The S500 + can easily be mounted on the back of a VESA compatible TV or monitor to save even more space.

If you are looking for a powerful mini-computer for daily work, entertainment and gaming, the Morefine S500 + Mini PC is your best choice. Visit the Morefine Official Website and select the S500 + Powerful Mini PC that suits your needs.

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