NEOSMAY Launches Fanless Mini PC with Intel Alder Lake-N Processor for Industrial and Outdoor Use


NEOSMAY has unveiled its latest creation - a fanless Mini PC equipped with the powerful Intel Alder Lake-N processor. Positioned as an "industrial Mini PC" or a Mini "firewall" PC, this compact device boasts rich expansion capabilities and is specifically designed for outdoor all-weather use. Compatible with both Windows and Linux systems, the NEOSMAY Mini PC offers a versatile solution for various applications.

The heart of this Mini PC is its passive cooling system, featuring tall cooling fins that ensure efficient heat dissipation. The dimensions measure 15.49 x 12.7 x 6cm, and while the weight remains undisclosed, the emphasis on fanless design suggests a lightweight and portable device. Powering the NEOSMAY Mini PC is the Intel N100 processor, accompanied by a single 8GB DDR4-3200MHz memory module (expandable up to an impressive 32GB) and a 128GB SSD, with support for additional storage up to 2TB SSD.

The NEOSMAY Mini PC sets itself apart with a myriad of connectivity options, ensuring users have a versatile and comprehensive tool at their disposal. Boasting both WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, the device provides seamless wireless communication. Adding to its connectivity arsenal, the Mini PC features a SIM card slot, enabling users to harness the power of 4G or 5G networks for enhanced mobility and flexibility.

Moreover, the expansion capabilities of this Mini PC are truly impressive, featuring a microSD card reader, HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, USB 3.0 Type-C and Type-A, along with four USB 2.0 Type-A ports. Whether for multimedia, data transfer, or networking needs, the NEOSMAY Mini PC ensures users have the connectivity options they require for a diverse range of applications.

The back of the Mini PC showcases five RJ45 ports, with the fifth port resembling a COM interface. Notably, four of these ports operate at 2.5G speeds, based on Intel I225 or I226 technology. The fourth port even offers power supply functionality, with a capacity of up to 22.5W, making it compatible with Cat5e and Cat6 network cables.

The NEOSMAY Mini PC is competitively priced at just US $150, making it an affordable yet feature-packed solution for industrial, outdoor, and networking applications. With its robust design, impressive expansion capabilities, and compatibility with various operating systems, NEOSMAY's latest offering is set to make waves in the Mini PC market.

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