One-Netbook A1 Pro 7-inch Pocket PC to upgrade 11th-Generation Core i5-1130G7 Processor


NETBOOK A1 Pro is a portable mini notebook aimed at IT engineers on the go. The design is the same as the ONE-NETBOOK A1 previously released in 2020. The new design offers the latest updates, such as the Intel 11th Gen-Core i5-1130G7 CPU, which provides four cores in eight threads and a maximum frequency of 4. 4 GHz.

ONE-NETBOOK assures IT professionals that the performance of ONE-NETBOOK A1 Pro can handle a variety of critical engineering applications. The website states that the Dual PC can run 3D rendering software, including Creo Parametric, an integrated 3D CAD/CAM/CAE solution developed by Parametric Technology Corporation. function. BIR-NETBOOK hopes to relieve IT professionals of the burden of operating, repairing, and maintaining systems more efficiently and effectively.

ONE-NETBOOK A1 Pro Engineering Mini PC offers a small form factor with a 7-inch frame and weighs only 0.55 kg at 173 x 136 x 19mm. It is less than half the size of A4 paper. The company wants professionals to be able to "debug, remotely operate, maintain and monitor" anywhere and anytime, so they can "reduce the burden on engineers" and improve efficiency.

The IPS HD display with a 16:10 screen ratio allows you to host more professional programs with a 7-inch screen (1920 x 1200 resolution). A1 Pro offers a pixel density of 323 PPI for more realism and sharp images. Using HD resolution, A1 Pro can allow full display of standard applications.

The A1 Pro offers Wi-Fi 6.0 wireless connectivity. Inside, the ONE-NETBOOK A1 Pro has a native RS-232 serial port, a USB-C 4.0 port, a USB 3.0 port, a gigabit RJ45 network port, and a micro HDMI port. The original RS-232 serial communication port of industrial grade, comparable to USB transfer speed, "used in monitoring and control systems, industrial equipment, routers, printers, etc." used. RS-232 serial port offers enough bandwidth and excellent stability to eliminate packet data loss when processing debugging problems. The port is compatible with 9-pin serial port devices.

For easy operation, ONE-NETBOOK A1 Pro can rotate the screen 180 degrees when the screen is in vertical position. This setting allows more viewing angles for the user. Thanks to the IPS screen, the screen allows for a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees.

Cooling the ONE-NETBOOK A1 Pro is not a problem thanks to the active heat dissipation method and the three-dimensional design of the air intake structure. Combining cooling technology and design, the A1 Pro features a small fan with pure copper vacuum heat pipes and imitation fin fan blades in a compact engineering notebook. Eighteen percent higher air intake for better heat dissipation and cooling compared to standard laptop mini fans. Finally, the mini A1 Pro is equipped with intelligent temperature control technology and built-in dust protection to ensure proper operation under heavier workloads.

There is fingerprint detection on the power button to keep your documents safe and secure. Pocket PC ONE-NETBOOK A1 Pro comes with 16 GB LPDDR4X memory and 512 GB PCIe NVMe Micro SSD storage capacity. Windows 11 is pre-installed and supports VESA support if required. The A1 Pro has an MSRP of $1,079.00 with the option to add a protective case, bringing the MSRP to $1,111.00.

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