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Cloud gaming is no longer the future, but the present , and Logitech is clear on how to make it more attractive: Logitech G Cloud is born as a new portable console, and the most interesting thing about it is not its hardware, but how it makes the user never depends on it and its limitations when playing. The idea is extremely simple: from a distance, the shapes of the Logitech G Cloud are not very different from those of a Nintendo Switch Lite or the Steam Deck. Inside, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G. But the muscle of the initiative does not lie in what is behind the screen or under the casing, but in its way of making us enjoy services such as Xbox Game Pass , Google Stadia or NVIDIA GeForce Now.

The big plan: enjoy games like Deathloop , Sea of Thieves , Assassin's Creed Odyssey , Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered , God of War and in the future Forza Motorsport and Starfield  without worrying about reviewing the requirements, keeping an eye on updates or having to juggling storage or facilities when it comes to taking games with you. You choose what you want to play and do it on the fly.

Seen this way it doesn't sound bad, but what difference is there between a Logitech G Cloud and playing from my tablet or with my phone and some convenient Razer Kishi fitted on the sides? The general idea is that, like Steam Deck, it has two modes of use: a portable mode that works like a traditional console and a more versatile tablet mode in terms of uses. And that, whichever way you look at it, earns you an extra point.

At MinixPC we are going to break down all the features, specifications and details of the Logitech G Cloud in one place starting with the three questions that, surely, you are asking yourself right now.

Design and Specifications

The look of the Logitech G Cloud is intentionally simple and minimalist in finish. At first glance, as we have already mentioned, it is reminiscent of a Switch Lite, especially due to its crosshead and the asymmetrical arrangement of its Sticks, although it did not take us long to find really interesting differences.

From the outset, its ergonomics are more attractive than Nintendo's smallest laptop through the side finishes and its seven-inch IPS LCD screen is similar to that of Steam Deck, although with higher resolution (1920 x 1080 FHD, according to manufacturer) , which puts her in our sights.

Regarding its weight, we are talking about 463 grams . A little more than a Nintendo Switch with the two Joy Cons, which makes it a relatively light system.

In addition, according to Logitech, since it is expressly designed to run games in the cloud and apps, not only has a light console been achieved, but also with a lot of autonomy: the battery life can reach 12 hours and 20 minutes playing through the cloud if we set the volume and lighting to 50%, gradually reducing by half depending on the conditions.

The layout of buttons, sticks and crossheads is basically the same as what we have seen on Switch Lite or an Xbox controller: an asymmetrical system with four main buttons and four upper ones (2 bumpers and two analog triggers) that match the Nintendo design but For practical purposes, they seek to be familiar to those used to the Xbox controller and, by extension, to those who use most PC titles.

As additional details, in addition to having a microphone, the volume and power settings are in the upper area, while the lower part is used for the speakers, the jack for headphones to connect and the USB port that is used for both charging. the console to plug in a USB headset is in the lower area. In addition, the console includes a slot for a small TransFlash card.

The first thing that catches your eye when you take a look at what's inside is its Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G , which is the same one used by a Samsung Galaxy A72 launched last August. Its eight-core CPU up to 2.3 GHz is an additional resource, but its purpose is not exactly to perform, but to take advantage of Qualcomm technology aimed at offering the best and most optimized performance when it comes to network connections. Something that, on the other hand, justifies its storage of just 64 GB.

The second thing that stands out is its operating system: Android 11 . As we already mentioned, Logitech G Cloud has two modes of use: one works as a portable console to use and the other becomes a tablet. To access this function, simply access the console options and select Tablet mode.

Once we have switched to alternative mode we will see how the Logitech G Cloud screen layout becomes that of any tablet in use. The process, the idea and the result is not very different from Steam Deck's Desktop mode.

Finally, if we want to recover the layout of the console, it will be enough to select the portable mode from the screen itself. Recovering the original interface in what we can consider the classic game mode.

Cloud Services and Remote Gaming

Logitech G Cloud is a console without its own games but with an absurd amount of possibilities. The core idea of the handheld is that you can enjoy the games you have on Steam via Steam Link remote play or those that are included in the services you're subscribed to, including Xbox Game Pass, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna or NVIDIA GeForce Now.

As far as Steam Link is concerned, the Logitech G Cloud works as a remote gaming device, so you can stream your games running from your PC (or even Steam Deck) to the console without consuming resources. As an illustration, something similar to playing with the Wii U controller.

We will be able to enjoy all the games that we already have on Steam that are compatible with the remote play option and even take advantage of those games that allow us to play with Remote Play Together. Perfect to pass you Cuphead .

On the other hand, Microsoft itself embraces the Logitech G Cloud initiative as if it were a kind of extension of Xbox Game Pass. More specifically, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription that offers the Xbox Cloud Gaming cloud game . And while there's no such thing as a portable Xbox, Logitech's alternative and its button layout is the closest thing to having one.

Amazon Luna, Google Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce Now are three services to keep in mind. The first, unfortunately, is only available in the United States. The other two are played around the world and complement each other very well. 

  • Google Stadia is free , so you can buy the games directly and enjoy them wherever you want, including Logitech G Cloud. In addition, there is the Stadia Pro service that guarantees a large number of monthly games as an incentive.
  • NVIDIA GeForce Now starts from the premise that you can enjoy the games you already have from its service, including Marvel's Spider Man and God of War from PlayStation Studios or Fortnite, although the quality of the broadcast and the hours of game without interruptions are really unlocked for paying subscribers.

In addition to these options, Logitech G Cloud is compatible with other Google applications, including the Google Play Store or YouTube. It is expected that if new cloud gaming options appear, the software will accommodate them, although there is one question that remains: is it compatible with PlayStation Plus Premium cloud gaming?

It is curious that Logitech decided to show the world and in detail its console designed to play in the cloud a day after the RTX 4000 graphics were announced . However, in one way or another, all the big players in the video game industry are betting heavily on cloud gaming .

Microsoft has a grand plan to decentralize the Xbox brand through Game Pass, and both Nintendo and Valve are opening that door to the Switch and Steam Deck. In fact, it is worth remembering that thanks to this remote execution technology we can see new generation games on the Nintendo console.

Logitech G Cloud enters the game being the only one that does not bet on the sale and distribution of video games , encouraging us to use your laptop as an extension when it comes to enjoying what we already have wherever we want. Including the Luna games bundled with Amazon.

And despite the fact that the price is equivalent to that of an Xbox Series S or a Nintendo Switch, the additional advantage is that the hardware will not be an impediment to enjoying the next bombs that arrive in the future. Cloud gaming technology evolves remotely , so Logitech G Cloud hardware will handle whatever comes your way without breaking a sweat.

There are many aspects to take into account, of course. If we do not have any active subscription to play in the cloud and we do not have proprietary games on Google Stadia (and soon Xbox) we are left with a simple Tablet with a result design . But as a complement to what we already have, it is an option to consider.

Perhaps Logitech G Cloud is not the classic console that we will remember for its own games, but in return it will allow us to enjoy more of those that we like the most. And that, whichever way you look at it, makes it a particularly redeemable option.

Release Date, Availability and Price

Logitech G Cloud will be available from October 17 , although its launch has only been confirmed -for now- in the United States. For its part, reservations are now open from the official Logitech website and Microsoft's own online store. The reservation of the Logitech G Cloud is interesting: in addition to being offered without shipping costs in official distributors, a discount of 50 dollars has been applied on the official price: 349.99 dollars . As an illustration, its price is similar to that of the Nintendo Switch OLED and with the reservation discount it costs more or less the same as an Xbox Series S.

From here, an essential nuance: Logitech G Cloud cloud gaming requires that we subscribe to a compatible service such as Xbox Game Pass, Google Stadia or NVIDIA GeForce Now, which are paid separately. If we already have any subscription, it will not mean an additional outlay, of course, although it is worth remembering that there are very interesting trial periods or first-month promotions to take into account.

So what am I going to find when I open the box? According to Logitech, once our new console arrives, we will receive it.

  • The Logitech G CLOUD handheld console
  • A power adapter
  • Un cable USB (de USB-A a USB-C)
  • The device's own documentation

The launch of the Logitech G Cloud in Europe or beyond the United States is yet to be confirmed , as well as its final prices. Let us remember that, despite the similar value of the dollar against the euro, taxes tend to make the label more expensive. Which brings us to the next question: what screen and hardware does Logitech offer us for what an OLED Switch usually costs more or less?

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