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Friends who like handhelds must have heard of OnexPlayer. Since its release , this Windows-based gaming handheld has attracted the attention of many netizens. The integrated handle design and 8.4-inch IPS high-definition display can smoothly run a variety of 3A games and online games such as "Battlefield 5", "Witcher 3", "Cyberpunk 2077", and "Genish Impact". Although there is nothing to say about the performance of this handheld, many netizens have complained that the 819g of the handheld is a bit heavy after starting this console, and it will be uncomfortable to hold the game for a long time. For this reason, the more portable OnexPlayer Mini is here. The domestic brand One-Netbook(1netbook) launched a new product on December 20.


In fact, this is regarded as an upgrade from the previous version. On the basis of continuing the performance configuration, the size and weight of the machine have been reduced. At the same time, the system software, battery life, heat dissipation and other aspects have been upgraded. So what are the characteristics of this newly released handheld? Let's take a look together.


First of all, from the appearance, the OnexPlayer Mini has been reduced from the previous 8.4-inch screen to 7 inches, and the weight of the whole machine has been reduced from the original 819g to 589g, making it more compact and lighter. You can play games on the commute roads of buses and subways, and during business trips at airports and railway stations. What is the concept of 589g? Here can be compared with the Steam Deck handheld, both are 7-inch handheld, OnexPlayer Mini is 12% lighter than Steam Deck (670g), but also 20.7% smaller.


In terms of the screen, the OnexPlayer Mini handheld is equipped with a 7-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1920x1200, supports ten-point touch, and has a pixel density of 232PPI. Although such a screen cannot be compared with a professional laptop , it is for handheld game consoles. Still enough. The handheld uses an integrated game handle design, equipped with ALPS original gaming joystick, 7.5mm height, 18 degrees of inclination angle, I believe the actual control feel will be good. In addition, the shoulder button and trigger button have a relatively large contact area, especially the trigger button has a long stroke, which is suitable for playing racing games.


In terms of performance, the OnexPlayer Mini is equipped with Intel’s 11th-generation Tiger Lake-U Core i7-1195G7 processor, with a maximum core frequency of 5.0GHz; the graphics card is the Iris Xe core display, 96 sets of EU execution units, with 16GB LPDDR4x dual-channel memory, frequency 4266MHz, this configuration is almost able to run various 3A and PC games. In terms of game experience, the official tested a number of games, such as "The Witcher 3", "Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice", "Monster Hunter", "Horizon 5", "Battlefield 5", etc. The game is set according to different resolutions during the game. Basically, it can reach the operating state of full frame rate, and the picture is smooth, and there is no stalling delay.


Handheld fever has always been a difficult problem for many manufacturers to solve. OnexPlayer Mini version adopts Honeywell hardware solution of phase change thermal pad + PC-grade large fan + pure copper heat pipe, combined with the software's intelligent temperature control technology, can well reduce the heating problem during the handheld game. Manufacturers test, long time gaming, the highest temperature of the handheld is about 45 degrees, and the handles on both sides are basically about 30 degrees.


In terms of battery life, the handheld has a built-in 10455mAh battery. The official data is that it can continuously play local videos for 8 hours and 15W full load games for 2 hours. It is worth mentioning that the machine supports 100W gallium nitride fast charging, which can charge 50% of the battery in 20 minutes; therefore, there is no need for users to worry about battery life, even for heavy gaming use, fast charging can provide protection. .


The handheld is equipped with the windows11 operating system. Users can install all kinds of PC games at will, or install them from many game platforms such as Steam. In addition, the machine also has a built-in game control center function, which can intelligently manage game setting data, systems, firmware OTA upgrades and other operations. (The game center function is expected to be released in 2 months)


Finally, I want to talk about the interface configuration of the handheld. The most important ones are two USB 4.0 interfaces and one USB-A 3.0 interface. The two 4.0 interfaces can be connected to a 4K monitor and a graphics card dock to enhance the gaming experience. In addition, one of the interfaces is designed at the bottom of the fuselage, which can be used with OnexDocKing docking station (peripheral accessories). This accessory has a wealth of expansion interfaces, which can be used for charging, surfing the Internet, connecting keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc., and become Use of an office computer.


In general, the release of OnexPlayer Mini, for the handheld market, should not be a spoiler, but a "bearer" identity, portable and compact size and weight, flagship hardware configuration, Coupled with the performance of battery life and temperature control, I personally think it is more fragrant. Regarding the price, I won’t disclose it to everyone here. Interested friends can pay attention to it.

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